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  1. Hey supported and I have no email.
  2. NBA Live 99 is not working
  3. issues setting up retro N64 controller and mempak on MAC
  4. Am I missing something, or does rapid fire not work?
  5. "Plugin initializing" takes a long time - WMI Provider Host
  6. Matricom Controller
  7. Ocarina of Time save state help?!
  8. P64 Configure Windows Cut Off, Please Help
  9. Project64 2.1 Closes on Loading Rom!!
  10. Changing Controller Settings in the game?
  11. 360 controller right trigger issue
  12. wonder project j2 hangs after the intro
  13. 2.3 Unable to Load State on Specific Game
  14. Having problem with my Xbox 360 Controller
  15. How Do I Use It With My PS3 Controller
  16. OOT Fatal error
  17. Hey, new to this, lookin for help.
  18. I found a graphical glitch in Fighting Force 64
  19. Plugins issue
  20. PJ64 2.4 GIT has fullscreen issues
  21. Galaga in Namco Museum 64 freezes
  22. PJ64 won't stay on top for fullscreen
  23. Xbox One Configuration - NO CONTROLLER
  24. Mario Kart 64 not loading Hi Res
  25. computer got disconnected from internet while i was playing on pj64
  26. awful emulation by pj64 on Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits vol.1
  27. 2.3 Save Files
  28. question about graphics plugin
  29. Problem goldeneye
  30. Xbox 360 wireless controller not detected ingame
  31. Paper mario house sm64 rom patch not working; Fatal Error
  32. Xbox 360 wireless controller rumble
  33. Cheat's not staying ticked.
  34. 3D to 2D upon controller setup
  35. Graphical Issues!!
  36. Graphics issue?
  37. harvest moon 64 problem
  38. no sound
  39. Can't grab and pull blocks in OoT
  40. Black Screen Upon Start-Up On Certain Games
  41. Two Players PS4 Controllers
  42. Changing graphics card for use
  43. Keybindings not saving for directional buttons
  44. Save State issue - Can't continue a loaded state
  45. Sync to Audio option Makes Games Sound Crackling!!
  46. Castlevania 64 - Edit save file?
  47. ROM hacks bring a black screen.
  48. N64 Help - Configuring two PS3 controllers
  49. Emulator saying I need expansion pack
  50. In-game save not loading into 2.3 from 1.6
  51. Please help!
  52. error logging in project 64
  53. Video of weird bug in OOT
  54. Z64GL problems!
  55. Xbox 360 controller not working
  56. Cheats not staying
  57. xbox one controller wont work
  58. Unhandled R4300i opcode
  59. Can the video be taller than 4:3 without stretching?
  60. I can't change shortcut keys, help!
  61. Odd visual issue with
  62. FB READ ALWAYS: OFF in fullscreen?
  63. Super Mario Run 64 ROM not working
  64. Super Mario 64 Roms not working. Please Help!!
  65. Invisible windowed mode
  66. Massive Stuttering
  67. Issues getting game to work
  68. Plugins Don't Initialize
  69. Xbox One controller not working
  70. Project64 Is Notrecognizing X-box 360 Wired Controller
  71. Audio randomly stopping
  72. Maps not loading
  73. Issue with ground textures
  74. Sound problem
  75. Can''t Get items in Donkey Kong 64
  76. Races - Donkey Kong 64 / DK 64
  77. Pilot Wings 64 Crashes when level complete
  78. Battletanx cutscene transition speed too slow
  79. Connect ps3 and ps4 controller to pj64
  80. Super Mario Star Road error
  81. Mario Kart 64 has no sound with edited voices
  82. Possible Transfer Pack Issue
  83. Exception caught File: .\N64System\N64Class.cpp Line558
  84. New to PJ64, Controller isnt recognized
  85. Multiplayer Machine broke
  86. The New Tetris N64 Graphical Bugs
  87. Direct3D8 error with some game effects (PJ64
  88. Does Disabling the FPS Limiter still work?
  89. Can I use my xbox one controller if i use bluetooth to connect it to my pc?
  90. Super Mario 64 Last Impact is giving me an error.
  91. The emulator gets glitched with Mystical Ninja
  92. THPS1 (U) (v1.1) Points Issue
  93. Virus detected when I build Project64
  94. Moving Save files from 2.2 to 1.6
  95. Can't map buttons on xbox one controller
  96. Can't take screenshots on PJ64 2.3.2
  97. Mario Kart 64 Music crash and Deubug Alert
  98. Steelseries Stratus XL Issues
  99. Analog stick issues
  100. PJ64 doesn't keep any settings
  101. No Sound at all
  102. mini-game timers counting down too fast
  103. A question about games auto-saving
  104. Want older version
  105. Plugins not inizializing
  106. I get an invisble error notice when i try to load a rom
  107. the support Project 64 screen wont let me continue
  108. how do i play with 2 people
  109. Not Letting me Change My Avatar!!!!!?
  110. Start button goes back?
  111. Shadow Man character missing some part of body
  112. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of time Debug rom Freeze
  113. Body Harvest audio and other problems
  114. Controller Issue
  115. Emulator not responding to Xbox one controller
  116. The option "Start netplay" does not appear
  117. Help - HDMI Audio issue using Glide64 plugin
  118. LoZ - OoT -Zora diving game won't give the silver scale
  119. Controller Issues
  120. Wave Race 64 audio skip
  121. Project 64 freezes after clicking on controller plugin config
  122. Shadows of the Empire
  123. NRage Input causes v2.3 to freeze
  124. "ChangeWindow Exception" error occurring few seconds after going into fullscreen mode
  125. Online Playing
  126. Blank Error Screen
  127. N64 Controller Inputs Not being Recognized
  128. How to change Default Memory Size on Version
  129. PS4 controller doesn't pickup in P64
  130. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon - Game Locks In Dungeon
  131. When I load rom I get blank screen error Help me
  132. Flickering Issues with Papaer Mario
  133. why is stretch option not working?
  134. Error: cn64system runrsp unknown memory action
  135. 2nd 3rd and 4th controllers can't select characters
  136. ocarina of time keeps crashing
  137. Can't use Wii U Pro Controller
  138. Can't use gamecube controller.
  139. (OoT Debug) Lake Hylia...
  140. Wii u adapter not working even with correct drivers installed
  141. pokemon stadium 2 with gliden64 start screen bug