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  1. Mutiple texture packs
  2. Bad rom that was working fine
  3. PJ64 ver. is in a infinite loop
  4. No Controller Input Recognition at All, Keyboard or Controller
  5. Only One Game Registers
  6. Ps4 Controller issues for Project64 2.3
  7. walking instead of running in super mario 64
  8. Remove keys/bosskeys/dungeonmaps/compasses (LoZ OOT)
  9. Xbox one controller
  10. SM64 Not Loading
  11. NHL99, New to Forums
  12. Angrylion help please..
  13. Both controllers control both characters
  14. v 2.3.2 - no ROMs listed in main window; work fine when opened via "Open ROM"
  15. Create Mem Pak
  16. Two player with xbox one remotes?
  17. Project 64 Not opening
  18. Controller Issue
  19. D-Pad & Analog Not Working
  20. Controller Confusion
  21. Joystick doesn’t respond correctly
  22. PS3 Controller to Project64
  23. N-Rage plugin not saving C Buttons, all other buttons work
  24. Problem with plugin (v2.3.2.202)
  25. Rumble Pak without a vibrating gamepad
  26. Plugins taking long time to initialise
  27. No Controller recognized by the game.
  28. Controller won't work anymore
  29. Mario The Last Impact Doesn't Work:mad:
  30. Banjo-Tooie emulation stopping Error (v2.3.2.202)
  31. Logitech Controller Not Working
  32. Mario Party 2 Platform Peril lag
  33. Super Mario Star Road - Fatal Error
  34. Error - Set to Default Every Time I Change the Settings
  35. No Controller is Working For Me
  36. Xbox One Controller Help
  37. re: cheat codes for 007 goldeneye
  38. Glide64 Final version doesn't work at all.
  39. Project 64 Cheat Problem
  40. a problem with proj64 v2.x
  41. xBox 306 controller not working
  42. Ps3 Controller For Mario 64
  43. Paper Mario
  44. PJ64 stuck on Plugins Initializing in the bottom left?
  45. Sav e issue...
  46. error: ucode crc not found in INI, using currently selected ucode 22099872
  47. Weird issue with Banjo Tooie
  48. XInput - N64 button allocation can't be changed
  49. Sin and Punishment texture alignment
  50. None of my games launch
  51. !*Force-Feedback/Rumble/Vibration/Nrage for Squall*!
  52. Project 64 VS Vinesauce Corrupter
  53. PS3 analog stick sensitivity help
  54. Super Mario 64 freezes
  55. Nothing actually working at all.
  56. Weird Text Cut-Off Issue
  57. Why does this button not work?
  58. Two graphic drivers?
  59. Controller Config Freeze???
  60. N64 controls not appearing in controls
  61. Can't change any plug-ins or settings
  62. Nrage with SSB64: Can't upsmash, uptilting instead (without buffer)
  63. Help Me
  64. GC Controller not working in game
  65. Goldeneye 007 Controller Issues
  66. SSB64 netplay saying I dont have the rom?? but i do..
  67. The Galactic Journey - Fatal Error: Stopping Emulation
  68. "cannot open a rom because plugins have not sucessfully been initiliazed.
  69. Framerate issues with high-end rig
  70. Buttons do unexpected Things
  71. No controller sm64
  72. OoT colorless item fix?
  73. XBOX one controller not working PJ64 2.3.2
  74. "Error"
  75. Rapid fire not working with XInput in N-Rage plugin
  76. Mario Party 1 "Cast Aways" Glitch
  77. Switching Between Mempaks
  78. No controller detected
  79. Unable to support Project64.
  80. WCW NWO Revenge Black Screen
  81. Games running way way too fast
  82. OOT Song of Storms Error
  83. Issues with Texture Packs
  84. Issue Regarding Super Mario 64
  85. Paper Mario Buggy Textures w/ Glide64
  86. Analog direction accuracy problem
  87. Disney's Tarzan - not fully functional
  88. Xbox One Controller Shows "None" for all inputs
  89. F4 Limit FPS TOO FAST
  90. Super Smash Brothers 2D sprite rendering issue
  91. Wont Reconize my controller
  92. Xbox one controller not working
  93. Help with AQZ Netplay Plugin
  94. Question about input plugins
  95. Can't Launch Games
  96. Fullscreen always shows taskbar all of a sudden
  97. rom hack names
  98. Everytime i select a cheat in SM64 it dosent register and its count as an unmark
  99. Controller configuration profile issue
  100. Conker BFD Counterfactor and Overclock.
  101. Issue with the input plugin
  102. Can't reconfigure Xbox One Controller settings
  103. Multiple players
  104. Lag
  105. Bug report in OoT: Master Quest.
  106. Crash on ROM load
  107. CPU Usage Overload
  108. Pokemon Puzzle Controller don´t work
  109. Issue setting up 2 usb n64 controllers
  110. Im having an issue running rom hacks
  111. Im having control issue
  112. Banjo-Kazooie - audio crackling
  113. game cube controller and the analogique pad
  114. All Download Links Lead to 404 Not Found
  115. error exception caught in pj64 mario party netplay
  116. Mem Pak issues
  117. "No Controller"
  118. Controller Issues
  119. How do I use Hd textures???
  120. Rom hacks wont work on my emulator
  121. Cannot open a rom because plugins have not successfully initialised
  122. Gui Error
  123. Controller working with PJ64 but not perfectly with PJ64MM
  124. Mario Party Cheats Won't Work
  125. Won't Load Saves
  126. "No controller is connected" error with Hey You, Pikachu!
  127. Graphics not Loading, Gauntlet Legends U
  128. Issues with majora's mask and donkey kong 64
  129. 1080 rom crashing
  130. Can't get my Switch Pro Controller to Work, Need Help
  131. Games pause 5-10 seconds at a time
  132. In game saves
  133. every time i go to run roms it quits
  134. Not recognizing new wireless Afterglow ps3/pc controller
  135. Display Error crashes
  136. Chansey makes Pokemon Stadium crash
  137. No Dropdown Menu for Selecting a Gamepad
  138. WWF War Zone crashes and stops emulation
  139. It can't find the ROM??
  140. Stutter/freeze
  141. PJ64 launches, but games won't launch video
  142. Controls Won't Save
  143. Savestate issue
  144. Smash Bros items textures
  145. Button Mapping Issue - Button 7
  146. Project 64 2.1 for No Mercy Mod Showdown 64
  147. Can't map C button Nrage plugin
  148. Ocarina of Tim menu crashes and glitches?
  149. N64 USB controller not working in a usb HUB
  150. Exception caught line 265
  151. How to download
  152. Can't load
  153. Xinput not working
  154. Xbox One Controller Won't Register, Help.
  155. Button to lock current mouse input?
  156. controller not working anymore
  157. Project 64 error message
  158. nintendo switch pro controller not working
  159. Usb N64 controller not mapping right
  160. "Blank error" when loading a ROM
  161. Mouse Jitter?
  162. Banjo Tooie keeps crashing in the same spot or when entering a new area
  163. Paper Mario 64 Randomizer Crash
  164. Ocarina of Time Randomizer issue pause menu
  165. Bluetooth Xinput and Majora's Mask
  166. Nothing in the menus is staying ticked or selected
  167. Can´t open the "options" menu
  168. How to get z64hook working on Project64?
  169. Contrler won't regiter in setup
  170. Safe download or whatever
  171. Games wont open
  172. Can't Run Roms - PLEASE HELP
  173. when i open emulator nothing happens
  174. Help with 2nd controller
  175. Xbox One Controller Issues
  176. Gauntlet Legends emulation issue
  177. Cannot view any more memory than 8mb
  178. The screen goes black when I load a rom.
  179. Severe issues with switching between rumble & mem paks
  180. Majora’s Mask
  181. waluigi taco stand crashes
  182. Project not detecting my controller
  183. Odd issue with PJ64 and Launchbox
  184. Xbox one controller Not Registering
  185. rii pro controller
  186. xbox 360 controller
  187. graphics and audio quality
  188. save and load games
  189. Super Mario 64 - Can't use "first person view"
  190. WCW vs NWO small issue
  191. Mi Zelda OOT Multiplayer have a error
  192. PS2 Controller not registgering
  193. Black bars around game? save glitch?
  194. Retrolink N64 Controller problems
  195. Can't map the C-buttons to anything
  196. Using 2 usb controllers in project64 at same time to play 2 player games
  197. Unable to read or load saves in Google Drive
  198. help for the sound does not work
  199. Version doesn't recognize Joy Cons
  200. Controller Mapping Issues
  201. RetroLink N64 USB Controller Not Working
  202. SSB 64 Link Arrow
  203. Fsaa
  204. Goldeneye 64 - Multiplayer portraits not rendering correctly
  205. Project 64 wont read my second controller
  206. Super Smash Bros. 64 weird graphic gltiches
  207. Can't use keyboard and mouse to play
  208. innext controller not wroking
  209. "unknown memory action" in super smash bros 64
  210. Bugs at Mystical Ninja
  211. Can't Remove Input Viewer in Tas
  212. Sensitivity Issues
  213. Rom list won't refresh
  214. Perfect Dark - Cant start game cause I have no memory pak. Game requires it!
  215. Settings Problem
  216. Really Bad Full Screen Graphical Bug
  217. Controller Detection Issue
  218. switch gamecube controller not detecting
  219. Saved Controller Configs for Multiplayer ISSUE
  220. Switch Pro Controller
  221. How to set up Logitech F310 gamepad?
  222. Sound Not Working With Glide64 Through HDMI Output
  223. my project64
  224. Switch Pro Controller
  225. Megaman 64 Black grid lines issue
  226. pj64 crashing after trying to edit graphics plugin settings
  227. Windows XP VM Can't Load ROM's
  228. She cant take it she's breaking up captain.
  229. "Unable to find a suitable pixel format" error with ReShade
  230. wcw/nwo revenge black screen.....
  231. WWF Legends 2.1.....
  232. Mario 64 error
  233. Xbox controller not detected
  234. Game crashes when pushing down on right joystick
  235. Can't press "Use"
  236. Program Freezing when attempting to load any ROM or configure controller settings
  237. Cant select second controller
  238. Can't connect my ps4 controller on the emulator
  239. i cant use save state
  240. Project64 crashes when launching a rom
  241. Uh when i crouch and try to jump left doesnt work
  242. First, no problems. Then, all kindsa problems.
  243. gliden64 plugin error
  244. Issue upon startup
  245. Diddy Kong Racing Final Boss crash
  246. Full Screen Acting Uniquely Strange
  247. Issue when loading rom
  248. Bomberman Hero - Flickering Screen
  249. help with two controllers
  250. PS4 Controller Issues on v2.3