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  1. Multiplayer/PS4 controller issue
  2. thank you!
  3. Hey Guys
  4. A few questions...
  5. Project64 1.6 specific frame limit?
  6. easy N64 homebrew development
  7. [Mario Kart] Jabos 1.6.1 and 1.7 plugins
  8. 4 player with mayflash n64 adaptors
  9. How do i get 2 xbox1 controllers to work at the same time?
  10. Is GlideN64 more accurate Glide64 at this point?
  11. Project 64 runs at same frame rate as N64?
  12. Steam controller
  13. Support Code/Pop-Up
  14. Configuring P64 for accuracy?
  15. xbox 360 controller problem
  16. Controller 2.3 bug
  17. [Request] Resident Evil 2 Save
  18. Wii64 To PJ64 Save Conversion?
  19. Project64 open source for retroarch project
  20. Downloads not working
  21. Anybody w/ experience with save hex editing?
  22. Project64 ported to Linux one day ?
  23. Mario's Shadow
  24. Xbox Controller bugged keymap
  25. Are there any codes out there that do the following?
  26. Anyone Like My Custom PJ64 Icons?
  27. help with pj64k
  28. Koopa's Totally Updated N64 Configuration List
  29. Regarding Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
  30. Banjo Kazooie pause issue
  31. Zelda Majoras Mask Save File
  32. Donation Page
  33. Adware?
  34. Loading texture packs with GlideN64 2.0
  35. Donation Page
  36. smash bug
  37. Angrylion RDP
  38. Emulator Not Detecting Controller.
  39. Save State Mix Tape
  40. Gamecube Controller with 3rd party adapter not mayflash
  41. Looking for a good sound plugin
  42. Ocarina of Time 3DS
  43. AI emulation query
  44. Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of time save game.
  45. How i start an romhack?
  46. Recommended N64 Style Controllers
  47. WIP Ocarina of Time texture project - GlideN64 display error
  48. How do you use the new overclock modifier?
  49. OoT Master Quest texture pack not loading.
  50. Support on missing ucodes
  51. Controller not working
  52. exception caught main.cpp line 88
  53. N64 controller USB adapter question
  54. How can I rip sprites/textures with Glide64?
  55. new here
  56. how to change marios color in sm64 with toads tool 64
  57. Thank you!
  58. USB N64 Controller 3rd party Can't get the joystick to work
  59. unable to setup controller 2
  60. Bomb problem-ocarina of time V1.2
  61. Controller files gone? Xbox controller stopped working
  62. is there anything i can do?
  63. Chameleon Twist 2 black screen
  64. Pentium 4 Setup
  65. Minimum spec PC for Mario Kart 64 1080P?
  66. I can't save a screenshot
  67. Bug/Problem in Bomberman to get 100%
  68. How to install bluedart hires textures pack on TLoZ: MM?
  69. How to slow down the emulator to a N64 speed
  70. Hire movers in Dubai to help pack & unpack
  71. What?
  72. Joystick Problems with USB N64 Controller
  73. Legend of Zelda Ocarine of Time
  74. Offset thumbstick calibration
  75. Account
  76. I can't use the Glide64 plugin on PJ64
  77. Recommended system specifications for accuracy?
  78. Question about SM64
  79. Mario Kart 64 60FPS
  80. Mario Kart 64 Freezes Then Crashes
  81. Pokémon Stadium Display Glitches
  82. Super Smash Bros 64, setting Counter Factor to 1 improves menu speed/decreases delay.
  83. Is Possible To Make Project 64 Fotos Xbox 360 RGH?
  84. BT Xbox One Controller setup for Goldeneye
  85. Pro Controller Issues
  86. Xbox One Controller for Project 64 2.3
  87. inactive window checkbox
  88. GlideN64 Public Release 3.0 Slow FPS
  89. Playing Hey You Pikachu with the computer mic?
  90. Debugging eeprom access
  91. Logitech Dual Action Controller Issue
  92. Multiple controller Profiles?
  93. Troubles with resident evil 2
  94. How can I remove the black borders of the full screen in the latest version?
  95. I have a issue with the latest version.
  96. Reverb + Chorus on Nintendo 64.
  97. Why does this happen?
  98. I now know what it is to take cocaine (is this normal ?)
  99. Need help for controls
  100. Zelda Majora's Mask controler issue in menu
  101. Did not receive my notification code
  102. Why the Attachments are not downloadable?
  103. "Software rendering" is not working anymore
  104. Username Change
  105. Graphics Plugin Bug
  106. Lost 18 hours worth of time
  107. Xinput sensitivity option for Nrage plugin
  108. Banjo Kazooie save needed
  109. Saving game data WWF no mercy
  110. legend of zelda ocarina of time Fatal error: stopping emulation
  111. The Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of Time error crash
  112. Creating “guestbook” via public form
  113. GameShark Enhanced Codes for PJ64
  114. SM64: Last Impact - Best Performance?
  115. Is there a TAS plugin for Project64?
  116. video glitches
  117. Project 64 for Wii
  118. Where to find netplay servers
  119. hey, can somebody help me over on the issues place?
  120. Mario 64 #1 boss fight
  121. What;s a good source to download recent builds?
  122. project64 emulator
  123. Please add an option to download legacy version of pj64
  124. emulator overspeeding
  125. SM64 Hud Black Outlines
  126. two button movement macro?
  127. Super mario 64 L trigger not working.
  128. Problem dualshock 3 and analog stick
  129. problems with controller input
  130. Username Change
  131. Can't get texture dumping working.
  132. Please make Project64 available for XBox One Dev Mode
  133. Adware/Malware/Anything Malicious?
  134. I can't figure out how to install pugins
  135. donkey kong 64 music instruments trouble
  136. Is AQZ Netplay Dead or Something?
  137. "While processing graphics data an exception ocurred you may need to restart the emul
  138. Does anyone know how to get the hack SPECIAL FOR YOU to work?
  139. GC Controller C-Stick and D-Pad Aren't Working
  140. Loop Glitch
  141. why does pj64 always show a box with a red x when i try to load up some emulations
  142. Bomberman 64: The Second Attack Intro Crash
  143. How do I use a GameCube controller with the emulator?
  144. Change 'Default Memory Size' to '8 MB'
  145. What sites do you use to get roms?
  146. Compiling project64 from github run-time Exeption thrown
  147. GameCube controller issues
  148. XBOX 36 Controller Rumble
  149. v2.3 not saving controller setup
  150. Can you use the official Wii U Gamecube Adapter with Project64 (no vJoy)?
  151. Does anyone know any fan games?
  152. Controller Issues (Updated)
  153. Missing plugins on Project 64 using Wine!
  154. PS4 controller doesn't work on PJ64 2.3
  155. Can't save anything
  156. Games wont load
  157. Project64 "Not Responding"
  158. Project64 is the best emulator
  159. High-Quality Nintendo 64 Music
  160. Problem Duck Dodgers jumps
  161. how do you get little message under posts
  162. Switching players on netplay?
  163. Xbox one controller
  164. update email and password not working
  165. Getting my xboxone controller to work??
  166. Screen Effects Not filling the screen
  167. Any keyboard plugins with low input delay and high polling rate?
  168. xbox360 controller with "no controller detected" problem
  169. Gamepad not working with Project 64 - help needed!
  170. Nintendo 64 Original Graphics
  171. project64 donation
  172. project64 features
  173. Ocarina of Time adult link save
  174. Question About compressed files?
  175. Neon Genesis Evangelion 64
  176. Can someone please help me nothing is showing up in project 64
  177. Jabosoft input plugins in Project64
  178. Program to visually show controller analog stick input?
  179. Unable to upload avatar onto forum
  180. GameSir G4s and Rumble Pak. Help Me!
  181. I donated to the project but Still didn't received the key
  182. Drunk Philosophy
  183. tipping
  184. What did you get for Christmas?
  185. GoldenEye Keyboard + Mouse help
  186. Revolutional software XRumer 16.0 + XEvil solve ReCaptcha-2 and ReCaptcha-3
  187. are the weedless people jelaous
  188. Controls for SM64
  189. Help
  190. I need a oot save
  191. Help pls
  192. SMSR_1.0 Crash
  193. Help control configuration