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13th September 2009, 11:35 AM
hey all (1st post, YAY!), I have a 2005 lenovo laptop running an intel celeron 1.7gig processor with intel on board graphics and 2 gig of memory. what my problem is, is that I go to play any of the mario party games, for example, MARIO PARTY 1, I can start it perfect, and get into everywhere i'm supposed to, EXCEPT when I go to start the game, either by going down the pipe, or after going to mini-game island. the game will go to the black screen where it's supposed to go, but it will hang and not continue. MP2 & 3 do the same thing, only earlier, just after you have to hit start.

I can play MP1 on my desktop PC witch is an AMD processor 2.1gig with a RADEON X800 video card and i'm running gig in that as well. I have not tried MP2 or 3 on my desktop PC to see if they hang, but i'm wondering if maybe it's a plugin issue with my laptop's video, and if it is, are there any places I can get some good video plugins?

13th September 2009, 03:05 PM
Hang in memory is caused by emulator of main memory. GFX/RSP/IN I don't think can or have ever cause an internal hang in the game's memory.

Thus this is within Project64.exe.

In this case the only two possibilities first I can think of are bad game settings.
...verify the configuration text file "Project64.rdb", replace it from here

Or bad copies of the games
...verify how you installed the Mario Party games and as to where you got them from

If you are using older versions of the co-RSP plug-in or Project64 that could also do it I think. You should try Project64 1.6 in that case if needed.

13th September 2009, 07:35 PM
i've been using jabo's video plugin, I think the plugin is 1.6, I know i'm running pj64 1.6 on both computers, and i've recently got the RDB update too. and I got the roms from www.Dashroms.com. never had a problem with they're games before.

13th September 2009, 08:54 PM
Source seems fine, I would still try to re-install the games from elsewhere.
Sometimes certain sites do actually misplace versions, just not necessarily in all cases.

I forgot also have you been using cheat codes recently? There are cases in which those contribute.
cheats that are listed in dialogue from when you hit Ctrl+C with a game running

13th September 2009, 11:04 PM
Mario party games are bug prone, Period.

14th September 2009, 02:53 AM
Well access violations are reported from GFX processing, so if it's that internal even to good copies it's probably time to use a third-party plug-in. ;)
But hang in memory has often as of late been reported to be internal to Project64, where no config fixes it, except to use another emulator. :O

14th September 2009, 07:43 AM
I just found out exactly witch of jabo's video plugins i'm using, it's version 8 1.6, but I also have version 6 1.5.2. any good ideas with them? also i'm trying mp1 (Exact file name: Mario Party (E) (M3) [!].z64) instead of (Exact file name: Mario Party (U) [!].v64) and they seem to be running the same on my desktop pc. one quick question, are there any plugins out there that are good with opengl or is it all d3d driven?

I forgot to add this screenshot of the gameplay map, it's only from my desktop PC sence I haven't gotten it to work on my laptop yet: http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/3705/mariopartyem3snap0000.th.jpg (http://img149.imageshack.us/i/mariopartyem3snap0000.jpg/). Mario's Rainbow Castle in the picture is the only one i've tried playing atm, and as you can see, the BG is normal, but the players as well as where the players go is really tiny, and it's centered to the screen at all times. mini games don't seem to be affected though.

Just tried it on my laptop and it still hangs in the same spot. I also have what my graphics card is in my laptop. it's a Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset family. also, I changed the video plugin on both my laptop and desktop, laptop still hung up, but my desktop with the 6 1.5.2 plugin seems to have corrected where the characters and the board spots go.

14th September 2009, 06:23 PM
You won't fix the hang in memory by changing the graphics plug-in, but for your lower-end card, you could and did find a fix for the board size and place distortions.

Why not try the 1964 emulator to see whether the crashes you get are internal to the games or the Project64 emulator?

"are there any plugins out there that are good with opengl or is it all d3d driven?"
There are plug-ins that are fine with both.
OpenGL and Direct3D are separate.

15th September 2009, 05:18 PM
going from memory, the 1.5 plugins were safer for the mario party games.