View Full Version : n64 toolchain or sdk ?

15th September 2009, 08:46 AM

I would like to code & port some stuff on the n64.
i need a toolchain or sdk using cygwin
and finally i'll use the emu for testing purposes.

i'm asking here just because i found nothing or outdated and so on..
as you are developing the emu you should be aware of what's still available and what is pratical :)


27th September 2009, 01:31 PM
Finally i get my hand on an official SN system SDK.
i've used vmware + w98SE to run it properly..
i've also successfully compiled some Nintendo samples such as onetri and so on..

Unfortunately using Project64 or others emulators it is detected as an invalid rom file and once executed it will exit emulation with an error.

I don't know much about the n64 but i'm suspecting the boot seq (first 4kb)
that ship with the SNsys .. And yes i want fast3D and so on, that's why i've fallen back to libultra instead of using others unfinished and incomplete libraries around.

Any idea to build a compliant rom for retail n64 ?