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27th November 2009, 09:00 PM
Write the world identifier to 0x3FF39A.
I recommend experimenting with the 8 bits after that address to see different vantage points for each world, but to list all of those extensions would make this list excessively larger.

Write 0x14 to 0x3FF395.
You can also write most non-zero values instead due to conditional defaults, but the game always uses 0x14.

Basically, write any multiple of two for the first eight bits, and you'll find a world. The exceptions are removed beta worlds that were never released and the small isle where you get the Lens of Truth (see 0015 "Lone Peak Shrine"), which I'm presuming is so small that the developers decided it could be fit into a midsection area.

There aren't any secret beta places available in this list that can't be reached normally except for the 14xx series codes, where if you build up from xx=[00, 10, 20, etc.] you will start to see some beta underground holes that weren't removed from the game. Apparently these were originally intended as parts of an underground network to get by the Deku Palace, Inner Palace Gardens security watch, but the holes to reach these places were removed obviously.

0000 The Mayor's Residence
0200 The Moon (reality construct)
0400 Magic Hags' Potion Shop
0600 Romani Barn //I want to just say bitch's shed, cause I don't know which.
0800 Honey & Darling's Shop
0A00 Beneath the Graveyard (leftwards)
0C00 //could be a debugging prevention measure in old form of the moon
0E00 Curiosity Shop
1400 Underground Hole (statues of truth)
1500 Lone Peak Shrine
1C00 Prologue
2000 Ikana Canyon
2200 Pirates' Fortress
2400 Milk Bar
2600 Stone Tower Temple
2800 Treasure Chest Shop
2A00 Stone Tower Temple (inverted)
2C00 Top of Clock Tower
2E00 Underground Base
3000 Woodfall Temple
3200 Road to Mountain Village
3400 Ancient Castle of Ikana
3600 Deku Playground
3800 Odolwa
3A00 Town Shooting Gallery
3C00 Snowhead Temple
3E00 Milk Road
4000 Pirates' Fortress (Aveil's room)
4200 Swamp Shooting Gallery
4400 Pinnacle Rock
4600 Fairy's Fountain
4800 Swamp Spider House
4A00 Oceanic Spider House
4C00 Bombers' Hideout
4E00 The Moon (Woodfall construct)
5000 Deku Palace
5200 Mountain Smithy
5400 Termina Field
5600 Post Office
5800 Marine Research Lab
5A00 Beneath the Graveyard
5E00 Goron Shrine
6000 Zora Hall
6200 Trading Post
6400 Romani Ranch
6600 Twinmold
6800 Great Bay Coast
6A00 Great Bay Coast (other side)
6C00 Lottery Shop
7000 Pirates' Fortress
7200 Fisherman's Hut
7400 Goron Shop
7600 Deku King's Chamber
7800 The Moon (Snowhead construct)
7A00 Road to Southern Swamp
7C00 Doggy Racetrack
7E00 Cucco Shack
8000 Ikana Graveyard
8200 Goht
8400 Southern Swamp
8600 Woodfall
8800 The Moon (Great Bay construct)
8A00 Goron Village
8C00 Great Bay Temple
8E00 Waterfall Rapids
9000 Beneath the Well
9200 Tijo's Room, Mikau's Room
9400 Goron Village
9600 Goron Graveyard
9800 Sakon's Hideout
9A00 Mountain Village
9C00 Ghost Hut
9E00 Deku Shrine
A000 Gates to Ikana
A200 Swordsman's School
A400 Music Box House
A600 Throne Room
A800 Tourist Information
AA00 Stone Tower
AC00 Stone Tower (inverted)
AE00 Mountain Village
B000 Trail to Snowhead
B200 Snowhead
B400 Way to Goron Village
B600 Way to Goron Village
B800 Gyrog
BA00 Secret Shrine
BC00 Stock Pot Inn
BE00 To the Dragon Cloud
C000 Clock Tower
C200 Woods of Mystery
C400 Forest
C600 The Moon (stone construct)
C800 The Moon
CA00 Bomb Shop
CC00 Guardian Realm
CE00 Gorman Track
D000 Goron Racetrack
D200 East Clock Town
D400 West Clock Town
D600 North Clock Town
D800 South Clock Town
DA00 Laundry Pool

I did not completely create this cheat code. I based off whatever idiot made that is supplied in the current official CHT and finished his research for him. Whoever had the modifiers list completely screwed up, but I completely retracked them all.

This adds up to a total of 103 working options. If I missed any combinations let me know.

23rd January 2010, 08:49 PM
Awesome man! :)


23rd January 2010, 10:22 PM
Well, glad to help. :D

I've been looking at a room modifier for Zelda OOT, Banjo games...any game I remember actually. There is already something similar for Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness, though some of the modifiers could be worked on a bit iirc.