View Full Version : best audio plug in

14th October 2008, 08:42 PM
hi i am using 1.6 with the rgb update and glide64 and im woundering what is the best audio plug in to use?

14th October 2008, 11:40 PM
Although external plugins complete for graphics and controller emulation, most users have installed with Project64 1.6 some of the best sound plugins including or excluding:

Jabo's DirectSound...best sound low-level emulation plugin supporting complex RSP demands in games and sound recording
Azimer's Audio Plugin...great alternative that in some cases succeeds Jabo's plugin for certain games and is often faster because of its high-level emulation approach
LaC's Audio Engine...often better than both Jabo's DirectSound and Azimer's HLE combined with very few exceptions (intro in GoldenEye 007) but was designed for Nemu64 only, only other known plugin here to support WAV logging
No Sound...the most compatible and efficient supporting games none of the above do without sound output.