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21st October 2008, 02:24 AM
Since Project64 and Jnes were worked on by Jabo, I have a few carry-over suggestions. I currently have v1.6. These suggestions are what v1.6 doesn't have that should be add to v1.7.

1. Jnes has a replay option where you can start recording a replay and stop recording, all in one file (*.jmv). Project64 should have a similar option.
2. Jnes has a direct AVI recorder. Project64 should have this option too.
3. Project64 has a sound recorder option, but not in the spot that is similar to Jnes. This should be fixed.
4. Jnes has Kaillera. Project64 should have this option.
5. I feel that Project64 v1.6's music emulation speed is faster than the Nintendo 64's music emulation speed. The "Sync game to Audio" option should be enabled by default rather than disabled by default.
6. Instead of using external programs like Renegade, Project64 should have its own built-in code generator. You have GameShark support, how about expanding it?
7. Access violation message boxes appear, but only in windowed mode. When in full screen, it doesn't happen. Access violations are errors in ROM runtime. After the message box, the game runs normally. Just have the message box disabled if the game runs normally after.

21st October 2008, 07:55 AM
Kaillera is a failed software, Zilmar will decide on how to incorporate netplay when he gets to it, but i suggest Kaillera being the last of all choices.

As for emulation speed, wtf are you talking about?

21st October 2008, 08:45 PM
OK, I ran a check with the cartridge and ROM of Super Mario 64 and there are no problems with the speed. I checked the cartridge and ROM of F-Zero X and there is a music speed problem only. Project64 emulates the music faster than what the Nintendo 64 emulates for F-Zero X. My mistake.

22nd October 2008, 05:30 AM
Kaillera is a failed software, Zilmar will decide on how to incorporate netplay when he gets to it, but i suggest Kaillera being the last of all choices.

Yes, knowing zilmar's professional background, its much wiser to use his own implementation rather than Kaillera which is known to be utter crap at best.

22nd October 2008, 08:38 AM
Make sure the rom you have is actually not a region hacked rom.

22nd October 2008, 08:41 AM
Kaillera heh? http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?p=413551#post413551

screw that unstable service

23rd October 2008, 12:21 AM
Make sure the rom you have is actually not a region hacked rom.

How do I check?

24th October 2008, 07:52 AM
Kaillera heh? http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?p=413551#post413551

unstable service

Anti3d.com has been hosting a master server for at least 1 year and since around when the official kaillera list went down. All you need to do is use their modified kaillera client, or use a different client which reads their list.

There is a couple popular clients and servers available to use with/for kaillera and the Anti3d master server.
Supraclient - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TC9D2TBH (now is the EmulinkerSF admin client which costs $50 USD - crazy)
and the Kaillera peer to peer client http://kaillera.movsq.net/ - free.

The clients are one .dll file (Supraclient will make a .ini with settings after you load kaillera, I haven't tried the peer to peer to peer client personally). They work for any emulator that uses kaillera.

For making kaillera servers -
Emulinker - http://www.god-weapon.com/downloads/emulinker-kaillera-server-1.0.2.zip ,
EmulinkerSF - (need to get form Suprafast on the forum - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=83RUP5TI - put in /lib fodler of emulinker 1.0.2),
Official 0.86 Kaillera server http://www.god-weapon.com/downloads/kaillerasrv-0.86-win32.zip ,
Unofficial Kaillera Server v0.92 - (not posting a direct link because of a virus warning from avast - get from http://www.god-weapon.com/downloads.php)

I'm not sure if there is need to set up the official 0.86/unofficial 0.92 servers to broadcast to the Anti3d list or if it is even possble (emulinker has a master ip and another setting for anti3d in the cfg files), but there are plenty of servers available to play on.

Kaillera SDK http://www.god-weapon.com/downloads/kaillera-0.9-sdk.zip

I guess what I'm saying is, don't give up on kaillera :)

Another multiplayer service I've tried is called CGA (Classic Gaming Arena), right now it has support for ZNES, Virtuanes,and Kega Fusion. It basically serves as a kaillera like interface but for peer to peer based multiplayer clients.

Some other multiplayer services I've heard of but not checked out -

24th October 2008, 07:16 PM
Sorry, but no, why would anyone want to use a modified, and potentially trojan packed version of Kaillera, when its an unstable, unpredictable, and practically in terms of emulation these days, useless, method of connectivity.

25th October 2008, 02:16 AM
And trust me, Zilmar knows his stuff on network programming....:cool:

25th October 2008, 03:19 PM
Make sure the rom you have is actually not a region hacked rom.

I still want to check this! How do I?

25th October 2008, 03:51 PM
I have to confess as well that I'm not a huge fan of kaillera despite having used in one of my emus, it's not clear who owns it at this point or who is keeping it alive, which really fregen scares me every time I do a release. Also the 3rd party plugins I'll stay neutral on just to keep the peace. From a technical perspective kaillera is the best, it has fantastic centralized synchronization abilities and has a great udp implementation, ultimately I think this is why it has survived til now - its certainly not due to its online chat client :D

Peer to Peer networking for gaming doesn't work well unless you are relatively close to the people you are playing, I'm not sure what our strategy will be but I'm sure zilmar will do a great job as everyone has already mentioned. I feel N64 online gaming will be probably one of the largest if we can pull it off, second naturally to MAME which no one will ever beat due to the fighting game genre which the N64 definitely can't compete with. Just putting my two cents in!

Jnes has a sound recorder. Project64 should have this option.

PJ does have this option, it's the configuration dialog for the audio plugin. See they aren't as far apart as it seems! :)

2nd November 2008, 04:33 AM
I would like a microphone plug-in, and maybe an adjustment to Hey,You Pikachu!'s little problem with white only pokemon, rooms, and some other places (Viridian Forest:First Coming). And maybe an Add-On for an Xbox 360 controller? Oh, and I do hope you fix that problem with the Stunt Racer ROMs, it won't work on 1.6, even like 10 different downloads wouldn't work on that! Good luck!

2nd November 2008, 05:05 PM
Stunt Racer uses a custom microcode, and Jabo's Direct3D has an accepted microcode repertoire. World Driver Championship also needs investigation. Currently the task is left to Gonetz engineer of Glide64. He did "discover" (...even though you can see the string in the game binary in 0x0566D0 to 0x056749) Dark Rift's microcode.

Microphone support must be in the controller plugin to work in the current standards. It's vaguely possible because it's more than just writing read_microphone_for_Hey_You_Pikachu(); and calling it macaroni. It needs hardware research and engineering.

3rd November 2008, 03:27 AM
Guess I could help with that!

but I'll need to find the binary codes for all types of microphones (even the rockband MIC)

Anyway, you will be seeing some issues from me!

3rd November 2008, 03:52 AM
Course there's also stuff like there being an adapter to join the microphone to your PC hardware so the emulator can use it, but if you're that dedicated hey you might be the history of this feature.

3rd November 2008, 04:07 AM
Sure, but I'd need to find my way around the codes...
I will get right on it!

EDIT: Do you think you can help me around this?

5th November 2008, 02:50 AM
You seem to know your stuff. Anything I can do for a sparkle that works too.

What codes? What this refers to? You mean GameShark codes ?

5th November 2008, 03:09 AM
i have a feeling the game itself contains voice recognition for certain words.

5th November 2008, 05:54 AM
I'm considering recording my voice, and put them in a folder, then put them in the plug-ins, hopefully, that will work. if not, i can look further into voice contributions. Wish me luck!

5th November 2008, 06:13 AM
Well, it doesn't work, because you would need to find a Plug-In for HYP's VRU (Voice Recording Utility) in order for other Microphones to be registered as said Utility. Anyway, I gotta find a DirectX Input download somewhere in order to do so

9th November 2008, 07:12 AM
I feel that Project64 v1.6's music emulation speed for F-Zero X is faster than the Nintendo 64's music emulation speed.

I looked at the August 2006 GameFAQ and I read something about a "Sync game to Audio" setting. I did yet another check using this option and the problem sounds like it is fixed. I solved my own problem. :) Now I feel stupid. :o Oh, well.

10th November 2008, 04:07 AM
that wouldn't slow the music down though.

11th November 2008, 02:52 AM
You gotta admit, you always find good points, did you look at the sound settings, should be in 'Options.' however, there are people looking into further sound reduction.

12th November 2008, 09:06 PM
that wouldn't slow the music down though.
Actually it did slow down the music, well according to my CPU specs.

13th November 2008, 07:43 PM
it shouldn't do, the point of that option is to sync the video to the audio.

13th November 2008, 10:01 PM
Without the "Sync game to Audio" enabled, the video runs at normal speed and the music runs faster than normal. With the "Sync game to Audio" enabled, the video and music run at normal speed. I'm not kidding, try it yourself! Ask Jabo, he is the one who programmed the video and audio plug-ins!

14th November 2008, 01:59 PM
heh, i don't need to ask jabo.... its just working in reverse of how the setting is named.

15th December 2008, 08:49 AM
@ Kaillera Support: Would be nice to see it but yes it is horribly buggy. I hope to see at least some form of netplay for PJ64 1.7. Mupen64++ holds up well for now, pj64k 0.13 is trash.

Also to those who want P2P, there is a kaillera client which does allow this. Whether its faster or not I have no idea but it's worth checking out if you're interested. http://kaillera.movsq.net/

25th April 2009, 07:55 PM
I thought I should revive this topic because I added some new suggestions in the first post!