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12th March 2010, 12:05 PM

maybe itīs a well-known problem but with google i couldnīt find any solutions for it. you are my last hope :D

iīm using a gamecube controller, connected to my pc via the "magic joy box" (which of course supports the rumble feature).

furthermore i selected the NRage plugin (newest version) which is working really fine, except the fact that due to some reason the fields, where i can choose the rumble type, are inactivated.

do i need another plugin or am i just stupid ^^?
thanks in advance (donīt know if this direct translation from german to english is correct, but i think you get the meaning :D)!



EDIT: ok i am stupid... can someone please move this thread in the "public version"-section ^^?
thought i have posted it there ... sorry for that

12th March 2010, 12:37 PM
try nrage v2.2

if nrage doesn't list the device, its because it lacks a forcefeedback driver and theres nothing i can do about that.

12th March 2010, 03:38 PM
as i said i have the newest version, which means v2.2.

can you explain to me, what "forcefeedback" exactly means?
is this driver needed for the adapter i am using or is it for the gc-controler itself?

does the rumble-feature work, for example, with a logitech controller?



12th March 2010, 03:51 PM
Superjoy (Mayflash) drivers have been known to lack a forcefeed back driver. Nrage and Jabo use the Force Feedback driver registered to Dinput for rumble.

Can you provide a screenshot of the Dxdiag input tab?

If you have the Super Joybox 13, install the drivers from http://www.mayflash.com/Download/Setup%2013%20Vista,windows%207.exe
If you have the 3 in one magic joybox install the drivers from http://www.mayflash.com/Download/magic%20joy%20box%20after%20Nov-1-2007.rar

12th March 2010, 04:17 PM
hmmm i think i know which line you wanted to see.
for my controller the column "forcefeedback driver" says "not applying" (direct translation from german to english. i guess it means as much as "not available").
so, as long as there is no driver for the gamecube controller, there is nothing i can do i suppose?

do you know then, whether there are any forcefeedback driver for a PSX or XBOX360 controller?



EDIT: uuuuey its working thanks dude :D
i wasnīt aware, that there are drivers for the joy box. thought it was fully plug&play.
are that drivers from the producer or is it some additional driver?

12th March 2010, 04:22 PM
did you try the drivers i edited into the above post?

I don't really like mayflash drivers though they tend to be sort of shoddy and the adapters are bleh.

Personally, if i had a wired 360 or psx controller, for the psx control i would use a psx to xbox adapter connected to a xbox to usb adapter, or with the wired 360 (since it connects right to usb) and use the XBCD driver. I use it myself on my Xbox small type.

If you can get a PS3 controller, the motionjoy drivers also work and are decently featured.

12th March 2010, 05:43 PM
yeah everything works very well :D
thank you very much.

why donīt you like these joy boxes? of course i havenīt put it to the acid test, but games like mario64, lylat wars, diddy kong racing, zelda etc. are working all fine.
in addition i really like the gamecube controllers, at least for n64 games.
what is the advantage of using an xbox controller?


12th March 2010, 07:52 PM
the build quality isn't that great on the adapters, many of them end up with shorts or the sticks start being read badly.