View Full Version : Random Problems with Project 64

14th June 2010, 03:23 AM
ProJect 64 is my favorite Emulator but now it stopped working.I Have
Windows XP 2005 Edition.

Two Error Messages Appear When I Open Project 64

Graphics Error
Direct3D Failed to Initialize
Error Code: 8876086A

Then Another one That says

The Default or Selected video plugin is missing or invalid
Check That you have at least one compatible plugin file in your plugin folder

I Can't get A New Graphic Plugin Or At Least Don't UnderStand How To Get A New One Because Project 64 1.6
has only one file witch is Project 64. I Don't Know How To Find Those Graphic Plugin Files In Project 64 1.6 And I'm Not Good At Reading Directions And Doing Hard Stuff Like That.

Could You Please Find A Soulution To This Problem For Me That Would Be Awesome Of You.

P.S When I Uninstal Project 64 I Lose All Save Data Can You Make A Saveable File For Saves In The New Coming Project 64 1.7

I Don't Uninstal Project 64 1.6 Randomly but sometimes I have To Format or uninstal and reinstal every thing in the computer.

14th June 2010, 09:25 AM
stupid people who don't know how to backup, deserve all their misery.