View Full Version : Framebuffer update tracking. (Core and Video Plugin)

29th July 2010, 12:25 AM
Mupen64 does something along these lines which enables the emulation of certain status updates (Kirby 64), it may benefit pokemon snap and other titles that have some unemulated framebuffer effects as well.

Plugins would also have to be updated to accept framebuffer changes from the core.

This could be an advanced option and only enabled for games that benefit from it.

Framebuffer notification. Add a extention to your plugin to allow the emulator core to send notifications when a CPU FB read or write occurs. Blindly checking each time is a waste of time, when you can do it with both using the core and video plugin APIs. A practical example of this is Mupen64 and Glide64.

In N64 emulation, this allowed many CPU based framebuffer effects to have ZERO framerate hit.