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2nd December 2008, 12:06 AM
There should be a new release since there have been updates to pretty much everything since a year and a half ago. I realize some of the stuff is unstable but this is beta testing were doing here right?

Do it for the noobs that can't put the pieces together themselves and whatnot.

2nd December 2008, 01:34 AM
once the new alpha of the gfx plugin and the main .exe have finished there last round of bugs there will be a package

2nd December 2008, 03:08 AM
That was a fast response. I think I'll start a zilmar fan club. :o

2nd December 2008, 03:10 AM
Yea! I'm getting excited! Thanks for the update Zilmar!!!

2nd December 2008, 06:09 AM
Also, were you able to get Beetle Racing working again? I hope! :)

2nd December 2008, 07:36 AM
beetle can work i think with protect memory but its very slow.. you're right this has a problem.

actually! it works without protect mem if you make a state on this screen: and then just restart and load state.

anyway zilmar knows its a self mod issue. whether he'll be looking at it before next package i doubt, got lots of small issues to work out first then hopefully he can get back to core stuff..

2nd December 2008, 06:07 PM
Use Glide64, it emulates this game AND all the effects perfectly - FB fog, reflections etc.

And yes, Interpreter (and the save state trick) are the only way to get the game to run.

2nd December 2008, 08:38 PM
That was a fast response. I think I'll start a zilmar fan club. :o

I know! Isn't he great?

2nd December 2008, 09:18 PM
we're very aware that it's been a long time since the last stable package.. on the other hand, don't want to post one with many things half-finished.. better to have several things finished then move on to the next area.. i think.