View Full Version : bug track problems, and core rewrite!

10th July 2006, 05:19 AM
Several different bits of news:

The new input build .8 has some problems with device selection, if affected suggest you use previous version for now, sorry! fixed
The bug tracker seems to be being hacked a bit... grrr hopefully it will stay fixed
As some of you may know from forum discussion, Zilmar is currently working on a core rewrite, which we hope will fix various long-standing stability and performance issues. We're probably going to have to wait at least a few weeks for that to be useable even in a beta state, because like any core work it's a major undertaking. Let's wish him the best of luck with that :)

Are you having problems with error msgs that look like this (http://www.pj64.net/main/member_forum/func,view/id,2339/catid,7/)? So are we (Jabo, Gent and I are all having trouble with the app). But unfortunately Zilmar can't do much about it until the core rewrite is more done - he's exceptional, but he's still human ;). So please hang tight until, hopefully within a week or two he can get back to it.
*update*: it would actually be helpful for zilmar if people tell us when they get these errors (http://www.pj64.net/main/member_forum/func,view/id,2339/catid,7/) (what you were doing with pj64 at the time). so do post in that thread please.

That's about all for now. Sorry things are quite unstable now but it should be for the best in the long run. Please talk to us on the member forum any time about anything you wish to discuss. We don't always post news on the front page but there's usually something going on if you check the bug tracker and forum :)
Thanks Martin for your quick help with the pj64.net server as always.