View Full Version : Server problems, sorry

6th August 2006, 09:43 AM
Sorry, we've been having server problems all weekend, yesterday bug tracker didn't work, now binary downloads aren't working. not much i can do about this right now. I think it's happening on the server (above our control), we're not fiddling with anything :/
Also DNS problems.. if you lose access, don't worry we should be back soon. please check EmuTalk for news!
update: All ok now? seems ok. Thanks Martin as always :)
update 2006-08-09
I've made some changes to the way SEF URLs work on this site, if you find broken links please report here (http://www.pj64.net/main/member_forum/func,showcat/catid,13/).
Can everyone post to the forum ok? I'm not sure if you're just being quiet, or there's something wrong ? :p