View Full Version : Anybody get (game) to work?

13th December 2008, 04:19 AM
only 2 games I'm having problems with (out of what I'm testing or playing).

Bomberman 64 (graphical issues)
WWF No Mercy (random graphics drop and then crashes)

i got bomber perfect for all of 15 mins...it didnt even crash...my computer updated then restarted on it own. total bummer cause after i got pj64 to start up again (and yea I'm using 1.6...will explain everything later) it was back to its old self with the title screen not loading right and just in general either slow or no textures at all.

just wonder if anybody got anything of stable with it...kinda want to play it with siblings... my 64 wont play the cartridge for some reason >.> maybe cause its the first game i owned? lol

But anyway here r my specs:
P4 2.4 GHz
1.2 DDR Gigs of ram
Nvidia Geforce 6200 pci graphics card 256 Mb (i wish pj64 used pixel shader 3 lol)
Mudlord's Rice Video 6.1.4
Jabo's DirectSound 1.6 (dont care too much about sound...)
N-Rage's Direct-Input8 V2 1.83

if anybody has any ideas or questions i guess post...ill help out as best as i can even lol *goes back to testing a few games*

13th December 2008, 07:13 AM
Nvidia Geforce 6200 pci graphics card 256 Mb (i wish pj64 used pixel shader 3 lol)

Don't, the 6200 would fail badly since its not even powerful enough to run SM2.

13th December 2008, 09:07 AM
On mine i run theme very good

13th December 2008, 10:06 AM
Now dont quote me on this, but from what I can remember, WWF is one of the harder ones to emulate. I think it was on PJ64, anyway... could have been gameboy...

13th December 2008, 06:55 PM
i do have the no mercy rom but i thought it would be that issue...but as for my graphics card...

its can run spore on medium so really it can handle wat it needs to do fine.\

and as an update...i got it to run through the begining of bomberman fine, once. still trying different options to see wat i can come out with lol.