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21st January 2013, 10:29 PM
Since I cannot seem to find evidence of a global datum structure for player stats across all modes, I hacked in a conditional switch on the single-player stage field. Based on what stage level this is set to, the correctly low halfword of the player status integer will be updated.

D10A4AE7 0000
812685DE 0003
D10A4AE7 0001
8126891E 0003
D10A4AE7 0002
81270B76 0003
D10A4AE7 0004
81263826 0003
D10A4AE7 0005
81273516 0003
D10A4AE7 0006
8127054E 0003
D10A4AE7 0008
8126D5BE 0003
D10A4AE7 0009
8126FA26 0003
D10A4AE7 000A
81263066 0003
D10A4AE7 000C
812621EE 0003
D10A4AE7 000D
8127171E 0003

This works only with SSB (U) [!] currently.
Making it for other versions of the game is easy; do the arithmetic.

If you use with 1P mode you cannot be touched!
All attacks from other players just go right through you. They always miss.
You also cannot be damaged/hit from background things like items or stage environmental dangers.

22nd January 2013, 08:20 PM
Hacked out some more SSB codes this morning.

I like this one because it overrides the standardization constraints intended by the game. You can be heavy as a boulder or light as a feather, while kicking Fox's stupid fuuuuuuuu-- ass.

800A4D13 00??

Transfer only 8 bits to complete the boundary, using one value of the domain:

00 zero
01 1%
02 2%
04 4%
08 8%
10 16%
32 50% (in-game min)
64 100% (default base)
96 150%
C8 200% (in-game max)
FF 255%

Or some other arbitrary, customized percentage.

22nd January 2013, 08:23 PM
Normally you could switch this already in the unlockable Item Switch feature of the game, but since most of the codes I am making provide overrides for that subset of options some people might like to have this conveniently predefined without having to set that switch every time they load up the game, or if it was not unlocked yet.

800A4D24 00??

Where only one 8-bit integer should be written, preferrably less than 6 to achieve unique effects:

00 None
01 Very Low
02 Low
03 Normal
04 High
05 Very High

For infinite/rapidly spurting items, try setting this to nonzero before the match, then during the match set it to 0. Should get infinite items.

22nd January 2013, 08:26 PM
I made this code because I wanted to fight on Metal Mario's stage online, instead of the standard courses for VS. matches. Or you could pick a beta battle arena not normally reachable in the game.

00 Peach's Castle
01 Sector Z
02 Congo Jungle
03 Planet Zebes
04 Hyrule Castle
05 Yoshi's Island
06 Dream Land
07 Saffron City
08 Mushroom Kingdom
09 Dream Land (small)
0A Dream Land (new beta)
0B How to Play
0C Yoshi's Island (narrow)
0D Metal Mario
0E Fighting Polygon Team
0F Race to the Finish

You could do > 0xF (e.g. 0x10 = Master Hand boss fight arena), but that succeeds in nothing but crashing the game.

Such is the domain for only 8-bit writes needed:

800A4D09 00??
800A4D12 0000

The second line is to skip past the manual, in-game stage select waiting screen since you have already selected a stage using this cheat code.

Remove the first line if you don't care and just want it to be random every time.

22nd January 2013, 10:11 PM
while kicking Fox's stupid fuuuuuuuu-- ass.

I see what you did there