View Full Version : I sugeest the Dev team learn what "Donation" means.

3rd February 2013, 12:08 AM
I have a bone to pick with project 64 1.7 and its team of devs. I understand you work hard would like some cash as a reward. I have zero problem with supporting the people who made such an awesome program. I also have no problem paying for it. What I do have a problem with is your use of the word "Donation".

By the definition of Donation: "A donation is a gift given by physical or legal persons, typically for charitable purposes and/or to benefit a cause."

So can anyone care to tell me by they force you to pay a "Donation" in exchange for an piece of software? That's right, because that's NOT a donation at all. That's a PURCHASE.

Remember what the definition of the word purchase is? "acquisition by the payment of money or its equivalent". Doesn't that seem more fitting?

Anyway, I do plan to buy 1.7 once I get my paypal in order but I thought I would just express my thoughts and opinions on this matter. Hopefully I don't get banned for this :(

3rd February 2013, 02:42 AM
Getting access to a beta when you donate is not the same as buying into a beta.

You donate because you feel generous, the beta was just a cherry on top - as it always has been.

Close thread please Witten.

4th February 2013, 11:47 AM
I suggest you calm the hell down and not make an account just to make one completely pointless post over the difference between donating and purchasing. Semantics, dude, get over yourself.