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14th December 2008, 06:14 PM
I understand that there i a way to convert Xplorer 64 codes into AR/GC format. Gent, can you post instructions and ill do te same if i come across the explanation..?

14th December 2008, 11:43 PM
There are about 4 different ways of porting codes. Different methods are used for porting
different codes and sometimes different methods are mixed to port codes. 500 codes don't need

One method is working out the difference in Hexadecimal between two codes that already exist
in both versions. This is known as 'Version-Difference Porting'

For Example, In the PAL and NTSC versions of GoldenEye 007 the Change Truck code is as

801D00C7 002D

801E8D37 002D

The last four numbers must remain the same, as they are only values and nothing to do
with the address.

So using the above codes to find the difference between PAL and NTSC would work as follows:

801E8D37 - NTSC
801D00C7 PAL

So to find PAL codes from NTSC codes you subtract 18C70. This can be done using the
Windows Calculator in Scientific mode (Start/Programs/Accessories/Calculator then
View/Scientific and put it into Hex mode).

So to test this theory I will see if another NTSC code will port to PAL using this
maths equation (-18C70).

Change the Look of The Body Armour (Dam) NTSC
801E8C01 00??

801E8C01 -

And by checking through my Code Archives I can see this is correct and 801CFF91 00??
is the change armour look code for PAL.


Finally the millions (AND MILLIONS... hahaha) of readers of this FAQ have been
told FoxDie's secret porting method of choice. This method is called 'Comparison Hacking'.
This is done for porting codes from NTSC to PAL (or visa-versa). This is done by
comparing two RAM dumps to find codes. It is by far the most effective way of porting
but cannot be used on all occasions.

Comparison hacking can be done with emulators or AR/GS 3.2's. I will explain how to
do this process with AR/GS's as I have no experience with emulators.

Firstly the 3.2 must be set up to your PC through a 25 Pin M-F lead. Then the N64
utilities need to be installed.

When you are in game with code generator on, choose a still area of the game and hit
pause. Then choose 'Unknown search' (making sure 80000000-80400000 is displayed) on your
PC. This will give you your first RAM dump.

Next comes the hard bit. Get a friend in the region that has codes you want to
convert. Get them to take a RAM dump at the same point as you took yours and get them to send
it you.

Then you need to download a Hex-editing program (For example, Hew Workshop,
http://www.bpsoft.com (http://www.bpsoft.com/)). Use 'Find' on your computer and search for Train001.bin. You should
find two of these (one from your friend and the one you took).

================================================== ============================================
TIP...... If using Hex Workshop, click Options/Preferences and click the layout tab. Set
rows to '8' and Group by '1 (byte)'. This will make Hex Workshop look just like the Memory
Editor on your AR.
================================================== ============================================

Open these files in your Hex Editing program and click 'Goto'. Insert the code you
want to convert (don't include the values and substitute the first two digits of the code to
zeros). Then copy down all values on the row of said code, and go to your regions RAM dump.
Click 'Find' to search for these values and (hopefully) you will find them. Write down the
address of the value that corresponds with the other code and you will get your code (Make
sure you put the first two digits back on and the value from the original)!!!!


hacking'. This type of porting is a simple and fast way of porting, although it cannot be used
on all types of code.
Firstly you find a code you want to Port (This code must be a modifier of some type,
i.e it has some digits). Then while in game, search for whatever value the digits on code
represent. Understand?

My explaniation above was maybe a little brief so here is an example:

Player Modifier 80001234 00?? (This is the code you want to port)


01 - Play as Stupid Idiot
08 - Play as Gent
1A - Play as Homer

You would go into the game as Homer and search for '1A'-hex ('26'-dec). Then quit and choose
Gent, and search for '08'-hex ('08'-dec).
Hopefully after you have done this a couple of times you will only come out with one
possibility. That should be your code.


Here is the final method. If there are currently no codes available for your regions game, you
can do this; 'Address-Difference Porting'.
What this method involves is a little hacking. Firstly you must hack one of the codes
that is all ready out for the other region (make it simple, i.e. Infinite Lives). Then you must
find the difference (In hexadecimal) between the foreign version of the code you hacked and
another code that has been hacked for a foreign version. Then add the difference to the code
you hacked. This will be your new code:

For example:

Infinite Lives 800001234 0003 Foreign
Always Flying 800001299 00FF Foreign (This is the code you want)

Firstly you would hack the Inifinite Lives.

================================================== ============================================
TIP...... If you wish to know how to hack codes like this read the excellent FAQ to
hacking by macrox and Kong K. Rool. It is located here:
================================================== ============================================

Then you would find the difference between the two foreign codes above which is:

800001299 (in hex)-
800001234 (in hex)
65 (in hex)

Then lets say your code was 80123456 0003 you would add 65 (in hex, remembering not to
disturb the value) to it and you would have your new code, Always Flying (801234BB 00FF).

This will not work everytime for too many reasons than I could possibly explain.

Will this Apply to all codes in a game?

Not usually. In GoldenEye 007 I know of at least 5 different area's where the subtract numbers
are different. This is due to the fact that sometimes things maybe taken away from the coding
of the game in one version to make the game run smoother. The now infamous MCM code for
GoldenEye 007 is an example of this. It was taken away from the PAL version of the game and so
defies porting.

Do all games need to be ported?

In most circumstances games do need to be ported. But in a select few they don't.

At the moment games that's codes are the same for NTSC and PAL are:

Turok: Rage Wars (N64)
WCW/NWo Revenge (N64)
WCW/NWo: World Tour (N64)
WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (N64)
Syphon Filter (PSX)
Rival Schools: United by Fate (PSX)
Bomberman 64 (N64)

This means that both versions of the game are identical apart from the country it is written
for (This means running Turok: Rage Wars NTSC version on a PAL console still wouldn't work,
due to the fact that the number of lines on screen are different).

Game conversion formulae:

Here are a couple of known game formulas:

To find a different version's/player's codes, add/subtract the amount mentioned below
and you should find the new code.

WWF Attitude NTSC-PAL N64
+1F0 in Hexdecimal

Star Wars:Rogue Squadron NTSC-PAL N64
+20 in Hexdecimal

GoldenEye 007 (801A0000-801E0000 region) NTSC-PAL N64
-18C70 in Hexdecimal

GoldenEye 007 (Very Low in RAM) NTSC-PAL N64
-ABO or -AB1 in Hexdecimal

GoldenEye 007 (80021000-80036000 region) NTSC-PAL N64
-4AB1 in Hexdecimal

GoldenEye 007 (before 80021000) NTSC-PAL N64
-2148 in Hexdecimal

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 PAL P1-P2, P2-P3, P3-P4 N64
-494 in Hexdecimal

Jet Force Gemini (Unsure of area) NTSC-PAL N64
+228D0 in Hexdecimal

Zelda 64: TOoT NTSC(1.0)-PAL N64

Zelda 64: TOoT NTSC(1.1)-PAL N64

Zelda 64: TOoT NTSC(1.2)-PAL N64

Mario Kart PAL 1.0-1.1 N64

Rayman 2 - The Great Escape NTSC-PAL N64
-110 in Hexdecimal

25th January 2009, 04:01 AM
Hi Mdkcheatz,

Wow, I think you are the guy I have been looking for! ;)

I'm not sure if you know me but I am the author of the hi-res texture pack for Castlevania LOD. I just released my latest update "as is" for people to check out. ( http://www.emutalk.net/showthread.php?t=43535&page=30 )

I have been told that the "targeting reticule" in Castlevania LOD could be changed with a cheat code by Zeth, but he never posted on it again. I believed him because he has created some great custom codes for OOT.

The reticule in CLOD is just too fat and bright and it doesn't fit the game to well anymore. I would like it smaller, thinner, and/or darker such as fade between light and dark shades of gray...or red and black/dark gray. The color is the most important to me.

Are you able to create a code like this for me? I would be able to pay you for your time if it's too much trouble. I have spent a lot of time with CLOD and it would mean allot to me! ;)

Your advice above is very thorough! Very good! :)

Thank you,

26th January 2009, 01:28 AM
Good Sir, Firstly, thank you for the compliment, I have a feeling not many people see this section because Gent preferred requests, but no matter, every topic has its place and I'm left with no other choice (if that makes sense). Jay, I do not need money or anything else for any of my services. The only downside is: I'm struggling to maintain the already numerous projects I have been toggling with the past few years, and especially the past few months. I am willing to give it a shot. See what I can do. It is correct that you can do far more with cheats codes than let on. Unfortunately, each game works differently, and oftentimes require reverse engineering to figure out how the damned thing works anyway. A real bugger really. So yes, without repeating myself ten times, my ADD sometimes leads me there, I'll clearly state one more time that I will look into it. Unfortunately the codes I am currently gathering for Gent are strictly "basic" necessities (health, ammo, levels, etc.). But rest assured, I am working on an ultimate collection CHT file. I have been given authorization from Gent to work on it and host it else where away from PJ64 support. So, naturally, I will be hosting my own cheat code support in my new web site soon to be launched. Any cheat codes which are not applicable for Gent's approval will be supported directly by me on my site. I have been gathering a somewhat highly developed team to help run it with me. I also have cheat support from other extremely talented folk who have made the hardest of codes. If I struggle to help you here, I will personally make sure I find someone to process it for you. Again, I'm quite positive there is high probability of creating just what you need! :) Now I'm going to turn the table onto you. Your work is actually quite impressive. Strong dedication with high output. That is exactly what I'm looking for. How would you like to host your work (downloads -obviously not directly through my site-, images, information, news, etc.) through my site. I can arrange a place for you. I have Iconoclast as part of my team already who will be hopefully host his own game font, etc. Just a though you may want to consider. Sorry about the long wait, I was away from the internet for a while. Made a book and all that good stuff. No joke. Going to slap Iconoclast for spamming me with IP addresses now. oh never mind. I know what they are for now. Thanks again. Brandon

26th January 2009, 01:36 AM
Excuse the bad formatting, idk what happened, it didn't look like that befoe I submitted it. lol

26th January 2009, 06:33 AM
Sounds great!

Can you give me the link to your site or whatever else I need to work with you and your site?

Thank you for offering to help with the cheat code! I am soooo happy right now!

What "game fonts" is icono working on? I'm not sure of what that means. Are you referring to the "text" in CLOD that I can't change by retexturing?

Thanks for the friends request! Added. :)

Just keeping it short so we don't spam your thread.


26th January 2009, 06:46 PM
Pffft, dont worry about spamming the thread, I make all additions onto the first post anyway. Um yea, iconoclast ventures through games using that food product plugin called "rice." Where he rips out the guts and uses paint shop pro to de-pixel around the character. He did it with SM64, i'm sure if you ask, i bring it up next time we talk as well, he'll look into helping you where need be. Add me on msn, the site is under construction, ill try and send you a pic before its finally launched. you can you can think about how you want it. I will probably just copy a local copy of the site to you, just add what you need. For legal reasons i will not allow direct downloads, but rather host the links to an alternate location. I was thinking that we should all use megaupload.com just to make consistent, just down name the download anything in particular. im babbling again and need to get back to my school crap. peace out! brandon

26th January 2009, 11:21 PM
Ah, yes! Icono has done several of those cutouts for me from my Castlevania LOD pack!

Icono, are you out there? Remember the good times!? ;) :D

Hey, that sounds great. I will get prepared how ever I can on my end.

This sounds like it's going to be fun!


26th January 2009, 11:35 PM
Why yes I do

"Um yea, iconoclast ventures through games"
nope I overwrite them

"using that food product plugin called "rice."
nope Jabo's too/Lm D3D8/TR64/N64GFX/raw analysis

"and uses paint shop pro"
nope ArtIcons PSP for tile import collaging

"to de-pixel around the character."
nope usually transparent canvas already but needs collaging

if anyone wanted to see what I did exactly there were some updates to the old pj64 forum

27th January 2009, 12:51 AM

Hey, did you find out/do you know how to access the old PJ64 forum?

I would like to learn how you do what you do. Can you teach me?

For now I will look up the the program you mentioned.


27th January 2009, 01:00 AM
no works for us zilmar must have changed what again


If you want more details on instructions maybe Brandon and us can get more in touch...

27th January 2009, 02:10 AM
ROFL!! Icono, you've been lovin' that "Lerroy Jenkins" character haven't you? Must've been him who leaked his name into there. Poor choice of words? lol.

27th January 2009, 02:57 AM
Nah I just picked his name up from somewhere and tossed it in. :D

27th January 2009, 03:42 AM
that ugly name leaked all over the floor and you swept it up, all dirty and nasty, and placed it in some *html* code like an IBM trooper, you say?