View Full Version : Feature request: detect gamepad changes

11th May 2013, 11:15 PM
A very nice to have feature would be live gamepad detection while PJ64 is running as currently implemented in snes9x and pcsx-reloaded.

If you forget to turn on your 360 wireless pad before starting the emulator, which happens to me more than 1000 times a year, the gamepad is not recognized correctly unless the emulator uses live gamepad detection.


11th May 2013, 11:52 PM
snes9x is the only emulator in your cases where the input code is local to the executable. also it uses sdl 2.0.

pcsxr uses input plugins, which only xinput provides input detection for using pokopom. none of the dinput only plugins allow it.

pj64 already supports hotplugging when using a version of nrage v2.3 modified to support Xinput detection.

Dinput as it is done natively cannot do hotplugging. doing so results in excessive handle creation and potential leaks.