View Full Version : Graphical glitches with Pilotwings 64

24th December 2008, 12:05 AM
I'm aware that Pilotwings seems to be one of those games that emulation hasn't been able to run very well. Google reveals lot's of problems, but mainly from messages posted a couple or so years ago.

Has anything been found since (plugins, settings etc) that help the game run how it should?

I get missing textures (mainly the bullseye landing zones) but also "trails" where the graphics leave bits of themselves behind. That, plus it runs really slowly.

I am using an EEE 1000H Pc and although it's a netbook, it runs everything else I have tried amazingly well. Stuff like Zelda, Waverace etc all run really smoothly with no hiccups.

I'm obviously willing to donate for the newer version if it is better (Pilotwings being the one game I really wanted to replay)

Thanks for any help/advice :)

29th December 2008, 08:20 AM
Earlier versions of PJ64 produced those results for me in pilotwings but the newer plugin in 1.6 plays PW a lot better with the only graphical glitches being some minor flickering.