View Full Version : Tearing in Master Quest

27th December 2008, 05:24 AM
I just got Project 64 1.6, and it is definitely the best emulator I've ever used, but I'm experiencing some tearing when playing Master Quest. I've tried tweaking vsynch and triple buffering settings in my nvidia control panel and in game, but I can't get rid of the tearing. Anybody have any ideas, or am I stuck with it?

29th December 2008, 02:24 AM
Your best bet is to try another video plugin for Project64.

Here are most of them :

Most of the plugins go to C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6\Plugins

Some other plugins needs special installation. Read the associate ReadMe for more info.

If you are with Windows Vista, some errors related to DirectX 9 WILL happen. To correct this, install, yes INSTALL, DirectX 9. DirectX 10 and 9 can be installed together.

To change a plugin, you need to go in "Options" then "Settings". Change your video plugin there. I'm also assuming that you have a decent DirectX 9 card (at least).

29th December 2008, 02:40 AM
Jabo's plugin has Triplebufferin controls, AND SINCE IT IS DIRECT3D, TRIPLEBUFFERING CAN ONLY BE ENABLED VIA THE PLUGIN, and cannot be forced via the control panel.