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28th December 2008, 02:58 PM
well, I don't know if it should get to anything but...I'll give it a try...

I was trying to play Body Harvest and at first I thought that was everything ok, but moments later I've tried to cross a bridge and then the car have "sunked" in the bridge. At first I've thought that was just a graphic issue and shouldn't be a big deal, but it's not. When I've got to the other side of the bridge I have problems to cross it. Well...sometimes dropping of the car or even don't using veichles to cross bridges should be enough...but the big problem cames when I get in Russia, I must move a train outside the town, and what we have in the way??? YES, A BRIDGE!!! the train can't cross it!

so...it's only me? Is there anything that I can do? Or it's just a problem on the list of "to solve someday when I get patience?":D

thx in advance.

9th June 2011, 08:47 PM
As i have pointed out in another thread its to do with the RCP interpreter :rolleyes: the game code is too vast to be decoded accuratley :D there are many glitches most severe one is clipping (passing through objects or bridges) :eek: the game code is so vast and complex it has taken many years for a fix to no avail how ever there are several things u can do try shortcuts cheats to get u to places even swim to your destination using infinite health however some glitches in siberia and america do prevent u from completing the game :eek: im sure there analysing the code and finding bug or patches for it in the mean time try cheats and shortcuts or try diffrent RCP and video plugins see which works best until a fix is available there really isnt anything more u can do

9th June 2011, 09:42 PM
Very informative. :D Also cool post. :eek:

Using interpreter or re-compiler of the RSP shouldn't make a difference, but the RDP support does need to be changed via the video plugin (like using Glide64 where clipping support may be added).

12th July 2011, 04:59 PM
agreed lol wut its the clipping issue that prevents traveling especially across bridges

clipping = where u pass through walls and sink in a bridge etc

like u said it could be RSP or video plugin i have tried 15 video plugins for body harvest thats right 15! :eek: video plugins none worked so its gotta be the rsp one of the graphic plugin messed up textures badly enough i hope for the love of pj64 and my fav game on the n64 please please please fix the clipping issue :D

12th July 2011, 07:17 PM
Using a low-level RDP emulator would avoid the lack of direct microcode support but also be very slow.