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3rd July 2013, 12:37 PM
I am have a problem or maybe two with getting a GameShark code to work in Project64 The game is Perfect Dark (U) (V1.1) In which i haven't played in years. But in the day i was one of those who found and simitted codes for the N64 games. So i dug up the real world N64 and plugged everything back in and fired up the GameShark v3.3 and was suprised to see after about 12 or so years the Shark still worked and the codes are still there. Old N64 doesn't like these new flat planel HD TV's much. LOL!!! :rolleyes: Anyway i played the real world Perfect Dark game with the code: 80223D24 0020 Lights Always On and it works just fine throughout the whole game. Which i was amazed to see my old saved games are still on the game cartidge. :) My OS Is Windows Xp Professional Sp 3. In fact i will attact some pic's for anyone that can help me out with is problem. Because i haven't tested the hundred or so GameShark codes i have for Perfect Dark yet on the Project64

Thanks for your time and help

So you can see the rest of the pic's i added another post with just the pic's

3rd July 2013, 12:44 PM
These are the rest of the pic's i wanted to past to help anyone who can help me to understand why this GameShark code isn't working. In the last pic the lights are suposed to stay on. In the real N64 game the lights do stay on and also i did try using F9 For the GS button. No dice.

Thanks again for any help

3rd July 2013, 01:49 PM
0020 is the bit-mask for the L-trigger, or maybe the R-trigger, I don't remember offhand.

It doesn't look like the GS button was meant to trigger the effect of that code.

3rd July 2013, 04:49 PM
In the real world N64 Perfect Dark with the GameShark v3.3, you don't need an activator code to activate the cheat. Other then activating it in the gameshark along with the Hi-res activation code like FF000220 1000. I had to switch my graphics plugin in the Project64, because some of the graphics were not right. But the lights still go out in Project64, unlike in the N64. Then again i am have some issuse with the debugger as well. Will post on that later.

Thanks for your reply FatCat

3rd July 2013, 06:03 PM
I think there is a glitch in Project64, because i just played Prefect Dark (U) (v1.1) on Project64 1.6, and the GameShark code (80223D24 0020 Lights Always On) works just fine.