View Full Version : i just installed proj64 v2.1, some codes don't work

6th October 2013, 11:49 AM
1st off Super Mario64 is working fine. It is just mega jump code 8133B1BD 0010 and super mega jump code 8133B1BD FFFF don't do anything when turned on. I dbl checked the code entry's they are correct. Why isn't the codes working?


22nd October 2013, 01:44 AM
Some codes require being turned on before the game starts.

You need to have "remember selected cheats" turned on.

Otherwise,try hard resetting with the cheat enabled.

A perfect example is the moon jump code for DK64,you have to have it on before the game starts or before resetting.

If it still does not work,then it could be a number of different reasons why its not working.
Sometimes it can be related to a save file based address shift like smash bros. with the auto cancel code.

Edit:I just remembered one other thing.

Some codes require you to enable 8MB RAM size because they normally use this extra RAM space (like the SM64 debug/item placement codes).