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14th October 2013, 11:48 PM
ok so im playing conker's bad fur day and i look at the cheats. and i see i can make him go slower or faster. after playing with the cheat awhile, i wanted to go back to conker's regular speed, but there was no normal speed only slow,fast and super fast. even unchecking the checkmark doesn't work. i also tried removing the emulator and the game, and looked though manual after manual with no result. after hours of time, i'm tired and frustrated. so im left with no choice but to get help from the community. so please someone try to help me. thank you.

20th October 2013, 10:07 PM
First of all,2.0/2.1 only crashes on code search,but can still access memory viewer.
Now you need to enable debugger somewhere in the settings menu (cannot remember where).

Try moving your save first so you can start a new one for testing.

When starting the new save,start playing until a neutral point in the game (just before returning the hive).

Now,look at the code address which is...

810CC318 xxxx

Which means you want to type 000CC318 into the memory viewer's search bar.
If you are at normal speed,the value should be the one you change the code to after moving your save back to its folder.
So if normal speed happens to be 3F80,then you should change the codes value to 3F80 and enable it to restore the original running speed.

A similar problem can happen to a DK64 save after using the free access code that causes the cranky barrel coin to be uncollectable which can easily be reverted in the exact same way by moving the save and viewing the original values to replace the codes values with.

19th April 2015, 10:19 AM
I went to hell and back to fix this exact problem. Couldn't understand what you meant by memory viewer because I'm a noob and have no experience in programming but I fixed it by doing the below, which was basically enabling a cheat with the normal running speed value. I'm typing this all up in case another noob like myself wants to fix this in the future.

So my problem was being unable to finish a beginner mission in Conkers Bad Fur Day. When trying to recover the hive from the wasps I always got raped. No matter what I tried (even tried quick saving and loading during the run) I was too slow for the wasps so that was definitely being emulated differently from the original game.

So I put on the Fast Conker cheat and easily bested the mission. Problem was I then save stated with the cheat on and couldn't turn it off again. Unticking the cheat box did nothing, the only thing that changed his speed was changing to another speed (slow, fast, superfast). You can't play the game with just one of those speeds.

After much ado, I restarted pj64, restarted the rom and loaded from the games save which reset Conkers speed to normal.

Seeing how his normal emulated speed was too slow for certain missions I had to find a way to change it for when I'd be stuck.

First observation is making a save state with the cheat on will permanently leave it on. The only way to turn it off is to load to a save state where it is not on or resetting and loading from the games save, which is tedious.

So next I tried changing the cheat values to attain a 'normal speed' cheat I could activate. After much googling I eventually figured out how to edit the value so I set up a test and figured out the following.

Ctrl + C opens your cheat console. Right click on the speed cheat and click 'edit'. This will bring you to the Edit Cheat box.

You'll have 4 sections; 'Name', 'Code', 'Options' and 'Cheat Notes'.
Under the 'Options' section you'll have 3 lines written, all beginning with 4 character values and then a label to describe the value like below:
3F00 Slow Conker
3FF0 Fast Conker
4030 Super Fast Conker

If you want normal speed, type the following as a new line:
3F80 100%

Then click 'Update Cheat', select the speed by double clicking the cheat, tick the box and you're good to go. NB: You don't have to type 100%, the label can be whatever you want.

Here are some of the other values I've worked out:

(Hex) (Label) (Decimal conversion)
3F00 Slow Conker 16128
3FF0 Fast Conker 16368
4030 Super Fast Conker 16432
4000 200% 16384
3FA0 150% 16288
3000 0% (didn't move) 12288
3F80 100% 16256
3F90 120% 16272
3FD0 175%
3F88 110%

I worked out the above by converting the hex values to decimal values that I could understand, then testing how quickly Conker ran by timing him running a fixed distance from a save state. It took him 4 seconds at his normal unmodified speed, so when he ran the distance in 3 seconds I labeled that value as 150%. When he ran it in 2 seconds, I labeled it as 200% since it was twice as fast. The later percentages (120%, 175% and 110%) were simply estimations since I can't be bothered with the math after getting it to work.

I'm going to play the game at 110% of Conkers original running speed since the unmodified emulated speed is too slow for the game to work. Another thing I did was sync the game to the audio then unlimit the FPS. Before the game ran at 99% of the original N64's rate, now its about 108%. This probably doesn't do anything for fixing problems like the one I had above but I prefer to have it run a bit faster and smoother. Cuts down on wait times.

Hopefully, this will get patched in a future version of pj64 and people wouldn't have to use work arounds like the above, but until then here it is.

19th April 2015, 10:42 AM
I played through the game and never had to enable cheats for anything. What could be is that your controller range setting has too low values in the controller plugin, so maybe next time you should play around with those so that the full range of the analog stick is emulated

19th April 2015, 12:10 PM
There's nothing quite like taking a whole evening figuring out a work around to a simple problem to make you feel stupid.

That was indeed the problem. The default setting was approx 65% of a full N64 Controller range. Never touched that modifier so didn't think of it when searching for the solution.

Thank you.

19th April 2015, 02:13 PM
Well at least you know your way around the cheat window now and are an expert on the values for this specific cheat, so it was not all for naught ;)

20th April 2015, 07:00 PM
The lesson here is to not be too lazy with configuring an emulators settings,options,and features.

21st August 2015, 08:09 AM
think of it when.