View Full Version : i am looking 4 a goldeneye 007 gameshark code

15th October 2013, 11:15 AM
I am looking for the 007 goldeneye gameshark code that turns on the crosshair targeting system without having to push and hold the targeting system button. I know the code is out there someware. I had it in my games cheats lose leaf notebook that got lost during one of my moves in the past few years. If the code can't be found this game controller has enough room for a mini toggle switch to be added to be used as a manual override on the targeting system button.


20th October 2013, 10:21 PM
Found this on gscentral's code search.

I think someone should have made a level based activator for each address.

You could have them appropriately activate only one at a time depending on what area you are in.

Crosshair Always On (P1)
810???8A 0000

Note:The crosshair in some levels may be a little glitchy. To make the crosshair always off change the "0000" to "0001".

Dam - D40
Facility - B74
Runway, Surface1, Depot - DA4
Bunker 1 & 2, Silo - B4C
Frigate - C78
Surface2 - E6C
Statue - C64
Archives, Caverns, Cradle, Egyptian - CDC
Streets - D7C
Train, Jungle, Control - C14
Aztec - B1D
Temple,Complex,Library,Basement,Stack - A84
Caves - DA4