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7th January 2014, 03:32 AM
Can someone tell me why the newer versions of PJ64 refuse to allow some codes to work?

I am trying to get Banjo-Tooie's image modifier to work on 1.7 or 2.0/2.1 with no luck at all.

Its just so bizarre that it can only work in the 1.6 version of PJ64.
You can even change your image in real-time with button activators!

I can also see the original/correct values in place of the addresses.

Banjo-Tooie (U) [!]

Banjo's Image Modifiers (with original values)
81117DDA 062A
81117DEA 062B
Use in PJ64 1.6/1.6.1 to make it work.
062A=Normal Banjo (high res when in closest view)
062B=Normal Banjo (low res when in farther views)

061D=Stoney Banjo

Don't tell me to just use the 1.6 version.
The 1.6 version lacks some features that I just can't live without.

If anyone knows,will someone please help me with this extremely irritating problem?

10th January 2014, 03:32 PM
Well if these addresses are supposed to be used for the real N64 on an action replay and they don't work on higher versions of P64 and that some other codes actually work but this one doesn't anymore...

Maybe there are others features that actually modify the game a bit and add addresses... or for some reason you're simply not allowed to do it.

Anyway this shouldn't stop you from cheating. Addresses may change but surely the value should stay the same. You could find out which is the new address with the higher version (well that is if it did change). I red somewhere they had a "code finder" I'm used to Cheat Engine and I don't want to bother with anything else but if it works the same it should be easy.

Just look for your 'Normal Banjo' value when you got 'Normal Banjo' on. Change your character with a costume or a transformation so that 'Normal Banjo' address is tickled a bit (the value will change as your costume change I suppose). Get back to your 'Normal Banjo' and look for your 'Normal Banjo' value and do it again and again. It's supposed to be that easy to me.

Now if you don't have any costume or transformation to change this address, you can still find it errr let's say ... Look for your 'Normal Banjo' Value and look for the Unchanged address while forcing changes in the games by moving, attacking, getting hit, jumping, running, changing level, meeting other characters, monsters, getting stuff, ...

In the end you should either find your address or have just a few left. If you want to check if you got it you can change the values of each addresses there to 061C. If you change into Kazooie then the address you're looking for is one of these and you should test each of them to see which one it is.

Now I might sound awesome saying this would work and stuff but I didn't actually try higher version PJ64 or even cheating on this specific game so don' get angry if it doesn't work for some unknown reason :rolleyes:
I should try the whole thing myself but I'm busy atm :/

10th January 2014, 04:32 PM
Because 1.6 is the stable version and you should only ever have to use that. :p

81 codes (constant 16-bit writes) sometimes appear as invalid in Project64 2.1 for some reason; I don't remember what explanation there was on that but 2.1 was meant more to support Gent's updated CHT with the Xplorer64-encrypted cheat codes that are not backwards-compatible with 1.6.

You can also load cheats on other emus like 1964 and Nemu64.

11th January 2014, 05:51 AM
I had big issues using cheats in 1964 like critical instability.

The 81 codes can not be an uneven address.
They will not function,and will have asterisks on the code name.

If you save a code like the example...

8126E673 03E8

Would write "03" to x3
Would write "E8" to x4

...it will not work at all when enabled.

I have already said that the Model Swap addresses match with Banjo's original model values for both the high,and low resolution models in the memory viewer.

I am out of luck from delays caused by dangerously cold weather for driving.
I have not been able to get on the computer to do anything for more than a week.

13th January 2014, 07:07 AM
As you know,some bad things went down on the PJ64 forum.

On a whim,I opened up PJ64 v1.7.0.50b23 to enable the "Banjo's Image Mod" code.
Sure enough,for some unknown reason,it worked!

I just don't understand why it did not work on 1.7 before.

I also found out the offsets for the pointer needing locations which are at x8 and x9.

-0010+x8=Image Mod

The 062A/0607 Banjo-Kazooie/Banjo Alone image offset is one line up the initial offset.
The 061C/062E Kazooie/Dragon Alone image offset is the same,but with Kazooie.
That initial offset's values are FF01/FF02 when normal and Talon Trotting.

Remember to start with 0x00180000
The offset positions can get REALLY high!
One time,the Kazooie offset was all the way to 0x0036xxxx :D

Edit:The offset "Image Mod" does not work so well.
It has messed up textures when switching to other models like Vanjo when Banjo Alone,or even the Banjo-Kazooie model when alone.

Edi2:You can use 062A on both 7DDA/7DEA addresses for high resolution Banjo-Kazooie at all times.
And 062B for constant low resolution Banjo-Kazooie.

14th January 2014, 10:25 PM
To reiterate that the code is working on 1.7 now.

I found a image value that is not meant to be fully seen!

Banjo image mod
81117DDA 0xxx
81117DEA 0xxx

07D6=Sergeant JamJars
0804=Green Germ (funny)
0812=OH MY GOD! ITS AN N64!
0800-0812=not crash
0828=Bumper Car
0829=Banjo's arms (Bumper Car piece?)
0838=Banjo-Dragon (high resolution)
0839=Banjo-Dragon (low resolution)
083A=Dragon Kazooie Alone (the real one)

Banjo (with dragon) image mod
81117DDE 0xxx
81117DEE 0xxx

27th October 2014, 11:22 AM
Luckily,Address locations are the same whether or not any given player is an X level CPU or normal/human player.


27th October 2014, 06:24 PM
Bumps disregarded,everyone feel free to use this thread to say what code is not working on a certain version of PJ64 while it works on another version.