View Full Version : Need help with graphics issues

23rd September 2014, 01:44 AM
So I just recently download project 64 and I've had some major problems getting it to work. Right now my problem is that I can't seem to get the graphics to work properly. I'm not sure if its my graphics card (intel hd graphics 4000), the plugin I'm using (jabo's direct3D8), or if I'm just dumb lol. I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to this stuff so I would appreciate any help I could get. I'm attaching a screenshot of what it looks like.

23rd September 2014, 03:02 AM
Ok, you need to post all the settings you have, so i can test it and see what teh cause it.

Afaik, it could be several factors, (I doubt it's your hardware).

One quick and easy test is to use a different gfx plugin, on a different emulator. Try using Mupen64 0.5 and glN64 gfx plugin. Mupen64 is the ideal emulator for that game, unless your computer is slow btw.

You might as well post your computer specs too.