View Full Version : Force Dark Blue Yoshi color in Super Smash Bros [E]

14th November 2014, 06:08 PM
(Used Project64 1.6)

A friend of mine loves playing Yoshi, and he loves the Dark Blue one even more. Sadly this color can't be used by players in Super Smash Bros. That's where magic happens. :D

1) Play as the 2nd player. (these codes apply only to the 2nd player)

2)Select your Yoshi, and opponents' characters if you want.

3) Go to the previous menu, then go back to selecting characters

4)Activate these codes, go back to the game, then disactivate them, then go to the previous menu, then go back to selecting characters.

5) Now your Yoshi got a Dark Blue color. And you can safely start a game with it.

81144892 007a
811504fe deff
81150516 deff
8115052e deff
81150546 deff
8115055e deff
81150576 deff
8115058e deff
811505a6 deff
8122aaf2 0903
81359fd2 deff
8135a07a a0a8
8135b9f2 0000
8135ba9a 0000
8135bf2a 0001