View Full Version : Re: No clipping n64 gameshark code for 007 goldeneye doesn't work

30th November 2014, 08:21 AM
1st off I am running the Project 64 v2.1 on a Gateway laptop model MD2614U, OS Win7 Home 32bit. The 007 Goldeneye game works fine except for the no clipping code bellow. The code is entered into the proj64.cht file correctly. I manually checked it. I pressed L and R buttons on the game controller plus F9 key for the Gameshark button and nothing happens. I tried both docks and the code bellow flat doesn't work. Am I missing a step someware?

Use this code to get to the island in Dam! Turn on the code then play Dam. Go to the dock closest to the island. This works best if you stand in the corner of the dock, press L+R and push the GameShark button. You should be on the water. It may take a few tries. Now run to the island. There's a guard tower like no other in the game and a turret gun that doesn't work. This is a NO CLIPPING code so you can't climb the ladder on the guard tower.

D0064F31 0030
800D33ED 0050
880D33ED 0000