View Full Version : I have a beast of a computer, any settings descriptions to max P64 out?

2nd February 2009, 09:21 PM
Hey all, I've got a pretty good computer

3.5ghz c2d, 4870 video, dedicated sound card, 4gb ram, etc, its all good stuff.

So, I'm looking to make use of all of this by tweaking the project64 settings.

Are there any specific plug-ins that do awesome stuff but have high requirements? Or what are settings I can mess with to make it look better? Basically I want to set everything up to look the best, regardless of if it causes slowdown.

Something that lets you do widescreen with texture replacements would be awesome too, I've read the stickies and searched the forums, and it looks like the plug-in that does widescreen doesn't let you replace tex, and the tex replace plug-in cannot do widescreen. So if theres something out there that would let me do both, that'd be great!


2nd February 2009, 10:48 PM
Sometimes RiceVideo may list supported abnormalities as will many others, but for your case if this is true I'll just recommend you read the User Manual for enlightenment.

You are probably interested in Glide64.

In the beta development of Project64 Jabo's engine now supports screen modes and retexturing, so if you donated that'd be one mutuality.