View Full Version : Cheat Codes automatically turn off

2nd March 2015, 09:26 PM
Hi, I'm having a small problem with cheating in Project 64 Version 2.1 and haven't found a solution anywhere.


I add whatever cheat codes I want, I checkmark the ones I want to be turned on, then when I click the X in the corner the cheat codes don't work. I open up the cheats Menu to see what happened and they all are turned off. No matter what I do I can't get the codes to stay on because as soon as I close the menu they are all off again. There isn't an "Apply" button or something like that to click first so I assume you just click the X but that doesn't do anything. What am I doing wrong?

2nd March 2015, 10:43 PM
You enable checkbox for the cheat, close cheat window, re-open cheat window, it's still un-checked...

I think it sounds like a file permissions issue. Maybe it's locked by another process or maybe you should try running the exe with Administrator credentials. Or maybe it's just a single case of bad luck and re-launching Project64 will no longer have the issue.

3rd March 2015, 01:30 AM
Yeah that's exactly what's happening.

I did try your suggestions of running as Administrator, as well as just closing and trying again in hopes of it being a fluke, but no luck there.

I just noticed I also can't change the Expansion Pak. I change it from 4 MB to 8 MB, click apply, then click ok, nothing changes, I open up settings again and the change has gone back to default.

Any ideas at all?

3rd March 2015, 02:04 AM
try deleting the project64 config file