View Full Version : Welcome to the beta development program

11th October 2005, 01:40 AM
We are grateful for the support you give the PJ64 team, Welcome to the beta area! This part of the site will grow as we get more user feedback and better understand what everyone needs to make PJ64 development as fun and productive as possible.

The first builds of the new site have been posted ready for members to download. They represent several months of work after v1.6, although we have been busy recently with the site so it could take a while to get back into "normal" development.
The Download link in the Beta Development menu gives you access to the latest development files. See "Current status info" for the changelogs and known issues, then get discussing them in our private forum!
When you find problems with the site please let us know (http://www.pj64-emu.com/administrator/member_forum/func,showcat/catid,13/) , there is also a chat which Gent and Radeon have set up to discuss things in real time when we are around.
We have a {ln:member FAQ} you should probably take a look at now please!
Zilmar & Smiff