View Full Version : controls issues, graphics tweaks, and Pj64 on Mac

17th February 2009, 03:14 PM
...no, this is not a rant about how PJ64 should be ported.
I downloaded Project64 today, been playing Starfox (so far the only good N64 game I own that I could find a good download), and I was getting acquainted with the controls, and when it came to the somersault part, I found that on my laptop there was no button for any of the four C buttons. Can anybody help?

Second, the graphics are wonderful on my computer, running the game with a much higher speed processor than the actual N64, but the text seems a little garbled. Not so much of a problem as probably a super-anti-aliasing issue :P

Third and final, I have found something that allows me to use pretty much any Windows emulator or indie game on my computer (an MBP). Just a little side note.
so, if anybody could help me with getting the controls working just shy of buying a USB controller, thanks :)

17th February 2009, 08:31 PM
Options->Configure Controller Plugin

Should let you set every button to whatever you want...