View Full Version : Sumoto USB Converter; I NEED HELP!

28th February 2009, 10:22 PM
yes, i read the other sumoto usb conveter thread, but no help was found there. the main problem is i have no idea what plugin i must use or if i must get a third party one. Nrage and Jabo are keyboard plugins, and adaptoid plugin shows error: No Adaptoid found. Do you have the driver(what is a driver?) installed? I am a computer idiot, so dont use big computer terms, and if i do need a 3rd party plugin, can someone send a link to the download site? (I have an XPS Laptop w/ Windows XP, one Sumoto USB Converter, 3 N64 controllers, and 2 PS2 controllers (i think they work w/ sumoto)

Again, i cannot stress this enough, i am a computer idiot.