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28th February 2009, 11:41 PM
Well i have a question can Ubunto run pj64?

1st March 2009, 02:08 AM
Yes, Ubuntu can in fact run PJ64 but you need something called Wine Doors (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wine-Doors) (WINdows Emulator) which can be downloaded here (http://wddb.wine-doors.org/downloads) for Ubuntu.

Wine allows you to launch many (not all) application native to Win32. You however normally need to install then under Windows first if it requires installation and copy the files to an external storage device. Because Linux (Ubuntu) does not support a registry like Windows does, and some applications refuse to work without the keys, you can use a program called VMware ThinApp (http://www.thinstall.com/solutions/dll_hell.php) (Formerly Thinstall) to install an application (e.g. MS Office 2007) whereby a virtual registry is created and fed to the app during launch.

I am not quite sure the reliability of PJ64 under Linux, but Wine-Doors now allows you to install Direct X 9 in Ubuntu useing a very special method :). I will test PJ64 under Ubuntu at some point when I have more time...

If you don't alread have Ubuntu or don't mind reinstalling it, I recommend Ubuntu Ultimate Edition (http://ultimateedition.info/ultimate-edition-20/) 2.1 because it has many programs, including Wine-Doors, pre-installed as part of the package. For some reason the main site has not posted the download link for v2.1 yet but there mirror seems to be providing it... so for 32bit processors let me can download the direct ISO link right here (http://ultimateedition.unixheads.org/ultimate-edition-2.1-x86.iso).

64but processors should snag this (http://ultimateedition.unixheads.org/ultimate-edition-2.1-x64.iso) copy

I am running Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.1 (x86 for 32bit) myself and it is awesome!!!!:cool: