View Full Version : International Superstar Soccer 2000

14th June 2016, 02:10 PM
anyone willing to tell me how i get these codes up into the emulator so it works ?


14th June 2016, 06:37 PM
Depending on your version of PJ64,the newer version have a bar on the right of the cheat list for the game running,if not,you need to turn on advanced settings now to make it appear.

How to once you get to it,open the right side with the arrow then hit new cheat and type in the name and try pasting the cheat in then hit add new cheat once it is no longer greyed out,sometimes spaces can be on the right side you'll need to backspace them out,and if code lines wrap around,you need each "81234567 89AB" uniform line below one another to be correct.

An easier way of reaching the list of any game is to right click it in the PJ64 window list and click "edit cheats" to do this.

Example of name then code format:


81123456 789A
81123458 9ABC

Hope you understand now,this would be easier than painfully adding them to the file itself via notepad++ since all games are listed there with cheats,making it massive to go through and it would be easy to break everything with one typo. :)