View Full Version : Help with Donkey Kong 64!

20th November 2016, 01:11 PM
After disabling the cheats in Donkey Kong 64, I can't interact with any of the refills(ammo, crystals, etc.). Please help!

20th November 2016, 07:42 PM
Don't use savestates

21st November 2016, 02:34 AM
Don't use savestates made from cheat codes in DK64


21st November 2016, 04:27 AM
Don't use the "Free Pass" code because it corrupts into the save files and makes it permanent until deleting the save to start from scratch.

In the end of the day,you can always grab a complete save file and use a copy of it to always have access to everything.

21st November 2016, 06:56 AM
First of all thank you all for your time and answers. I actually used a save state once in this game and forgot about it. So I have to begin a new game now? Do I have to do anything else(like clear the mem pak or something)?