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8th April 2009, 05:00 AM
hello i'm new here and wanted to ask about something. every time i have a game say loz:ocarina,this is a example (i have the real game wanted to mess with it on my comp) i see the fire effect's in game it show's the 2d sprite but around it is a black box what is with that some effect's have other color boxe's. this does not happen with mario 64 or ssb though.

also when i was playing re2 why is the screen like half the size of the window and sometime's parts of the screen glue to the side or bottom.
and also the sound get's gargled in the cutscene's way to much( i know it's a common problem k).

i sadly have a pc from 2000 or 99 and i dont have any graphic's card since all current stuff would end up killing my pc it's so old.
but i was looking forward to re2 yet i think i should just hunt down a real copy for myshelf.no i dont even think the elusive pc version would run on my pc maybe.. hmm.

i have 256 mb ram and that's with a ram chip -.- sadface.no current gfx card will work with my pc i need something old ,or a new pc which i have no money to get a new one. my dad has a laptop and it's even better then this old piece of metal. i hate him for that.any way's he got it for a cheap price it has like 500mb ram or some what.
anyway's this old desktop run's games about the time when croc 2 came out for the pc those kinda games. mostly ,starcraft ,diablo , tombraider which i have 2 and cronicle's yet i cant get the hang of them.

so do you recommend any games from say 1998-2000 that have say n64 similar graphic's. since there's not many games i know that are compatible with my old pc any more. remember indiana jones: and the infernal machine i got it the year that hit the PC. my dad bought that game i could only get past level 1.

Any way's enough ranting and stuff hello guy's and i hope you can help me with informing me and hopefully recommending me some good games from that time.-thorgrim103

9th April 2009, 01:34 AM
There are ways to fix most of those problems in emulated Resident Evil 2.
Are you familiar with plug-ins and how to change them?

9th April 2009, 02:57 AM
sorry for all the complainig i've had a low end pc far too long you see.and beyond the jabo plugin's no and i've got a mario kart 64 rom but it crashes so how can you help me?

10th April 2009, 12:21 AM

From the downloaded archive the GLIDE64 files go in folder "Project64\Plugin", and the GLIDE3X.DLL wrapper file can go in the same folder where file "Project64.exe" is.

10th April 2009, 01:59 AM
thanks:) happyface uhh which version do i get? the napalm one?
ok now isee it uses open GL my computers too dated to have opengl i dont have a graphics card and look i dont have any money to get anything, my computers a hand me down so unless i get something or a new computer i hate opengl since evey thing uses it and only games for windows uses direct 3d, im better off buying the re2 pc game then -.-.

10th April 2009, 02:23 AM
Yes the latest one from the downloads page will do, but older versions should work similarly for RE2.

There may still be a depth issue...there's another update for the wrapper file that may fix that.

And then there's the deformed sound. As you mentioned this is common, but just in case this is news, this is an RSP issue that has been fixed in the beta 1.7 RS processor for Project64. Unfortunately I have never seen any other RSP support those complex signals, so donating to get the beta would be the only option here.

10th April 2009, 02:26 AM
i feel liek rather buying a copy of the game or like get the playstation version. or barrow it from my dad's friend whos into resident evil,this is just to much trouble .:(

10th April 2009, 02:30 AM
Do whatever you can, but if something about this route is not working, let me know.

11th April 2009, 04:39 AM
this is long but it's important

*cough*see i dont have a copy of the game re2 i know legal stuff but really does every one here own a copy of mario 64,*cough*
any way's i just wanted to experience the game my pc's low end so yeah it doesn't work at it's full potential the emulator i cant run opengl my pc doesn't support it only direct 3d unless glide 3d has that function then i'm down and out.

i have a large collection of retro games say about 30.

them main emulators i play and nes snes and sega gens. n64 rarely for mario. and maybe smash.
so my main problem like said before i play a game say smash bros and i pick up a koopa shell yet that shell has a grey,black box around it for the sprite
same for say ocarina for it's fire and stuff also when i play mario 64 ever 2d info item on say mario status health all the mario head is there yet it's in a black box how do i remidy this.
my main problem with re 2 is the screen size and the older screens sticking to the right side of the game screen and the sound. where it gurgles etc playing re2 with out a controller is hard and when cutscenes and death scenes Que the game slowsssssss doowwnnnnn. so those are what ireally here for.
i know and love retro games i emulate it since well these games are expensive and till i get the games for real i paly them on my pc once i get i real copy i paly them there
i mostly now use emulates to record game footage since i have not capture card.
another thing i need hardware accelerator off to record games but i cant record n64 with out hard ware excel on since my pc needs 3d on what's wrong hellp!

11th April 2009, 07:32 PM
Old video hardware cannot be supported. If you can't support rendering APIs or experience slow speed, of that case all you can do is update your graphics card and drivers.

12th April 2009, 09:48 AM
hi thorgrim103 if i'm not to far wrong resident evil 2 was available for an old pc (you didn't say exactly what you've got though)it should work fine (remember project 64 is processor intensive) so it'll be slow on any older machine possibly to the point of a crawl at best .anyway my advice if you buy re 2 second hand make sure it works (duh obvious i no)but sometimes old cds have dead sectors and don't work so be carefull ,i've been caught out several times . sometimes an older pc is more valuable as some older pc titles won't work on xp such as aliens vs predator/ commandos btw older graphics cards aren't that expensive try a nvidia 4600 or a radeon 9700 i had 1 for 5 years and it worked on windows 98 quite well you might have to buy a new powerpack though 380 watts ps try charity shops for old pc titles you might be suprised what you can pick up

12th April 2009, 10:40 AM
hi thorgrim103 as an old pc owner you might be able to get hold of a copy of resident evil 2 (you didn't specify what setup you have)but i'm sure it will work (even on an old pc)emulators are processor intensive and yes often need a good graphics card (my recomendations for a graphics card is a nvidia 4600 or a radeon 9700 (probly best for 98)
they are relatively cheap should be few dolars or pounds but may require you to get a bigger powerpack 370watt to 400watt these cards use a agp slot ,the radeon works ok with windows 98 ,i had mine for 5 years befor upradin to a bigger card and xp ,sometimes older pcs are better for older games such as aliens vs predator and commandos both of which don't work on xp properly if at all (my experience)ps this emulator is great on xp but still has it's glitches sayin that the n64 had probs aswell bad ports and the like .playstation 1 games can be picked up for next to nothing ,but be aware as time goes on discs stop working and suffer from dead sectors ,so be carefull plus ps1 consoles are sellin for dirt cheap prices ,also check console before buying as they are susceptable to laser problems sometimes caused by chipping or modding .n64 stuff can also be bought relatively cheap aswell (just incase this magnificent emulator don't cut the mustard for ya) .oh the screen sticking to the side happens to me aswell ,the black box thing is your graphics card sorry i gather you've on board graphics right (ps sorry about the rant but i thought the last waffle didn't post on here )