View Full Version : Saving on "THE LEGEND OF ZELDA"

15th April 2009, 02:38 AM
I don't get how to save there is a save button in the tab system and one in the menu when you click start but neither one works. Is there a way to save?

15th April 2009, 02:50 AM
The save system accessed via the Project64 interface creates altered ROM image files of the game saved with this feature. When these files are loaded your exact position is restored. This type of saving is emulated.
For our beginning purpose, all I ever use is F5 and F7 (keyboard shortcuts of this quick feature). Hit those keys to time travel.

The save option provided within the game internally when you pause and press B is not emulated and writes the battery save data to the cartridge's save chip (or when using Project64 in the "Save" sub-folder to emulate this location).

Up to you which you use ...
These saves store everything the game was coded to store, but the save states worked with by Project64 store exact memory positions for your loading convenience. When the battery saves aren't made automatically, I choose both because I want to keep save states to instantly restore my progress but also want to keep a battery save file that doesn't store extraneous information of a save state (like negative effects of using cheats...though those can still be stored in effect).