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15th April 2009, 10:07 AM
The game just never seems to be quite right regardless of what combination of plugins I use.

Using the newest 1.7 jabo DX8 plugin, the same issues persist that has been since many versions: Majors chunks of slowdown.

Watching the opening animation will slow down on the robot battle scene and Sasuke running on the roof top. While in cities and world map, any turning will have a FPS hit when not running in a straight line.

Other than frequent major bouts of slowdown, everything else seems to work and I haven't had any texture issues just looking around.

Not sure what the problem is. *shrug*

Oh, and greetings :D

CoreDuo2 2.4
Geforce 9500GS (Most recent nvidia pack)
All plugins most recent releases.

15th April 2009, 08:50 PM
In the following thread is an attached configuration text file for playing this game along with other instructions in installation.

15th April 2009, 09:26 PM
I've been messing around with Rice's 6.1.4 and .3 with the ini file. DX works without many texture errors or slowdown, but has problems with 2D->3D rotations. IE, trees, like in mario 64, are a 2D plane textures which rotate so they are always perpendicular your your ling of sight. When moving around them, they freak out and start contorting like crazy. Also, Sasuke will sometimes turn into a single ball like in the end of the title screen. Open GL mode of the Rice pack has alot of texture problems. Often the entire world will phases in an out as everything becomes transparent, except the sky.

For audio, running in (Rice) DX mode causes the zilmar, jabo and Azimer audio plugings to drop certain sounds. For example, the bird on the opening theme had no "caw", the sound FX on collecting items is often cut short or distorted, it seems to be the high range that's most often assaulted. Running in (Rice) Open-GL mode has the same audio hitches as DX. Oddly, no audio issues arise when using Jabo's video plug in. I'm not sure how that works.

Sure, I am aware this is emulation! Its not going to be perfect! However, I thought I would give an account of my own version of gomoen's plugin adventure. ;)

I was just hopping to give my input that this may work with jabo's one day, as the only thing wrong with the audio/video jabo combination comes in the form of video slowdowns.

Project 64 issues I have encounter in 1.7 are plugin sticking. For example, if I click to "End" the emulation, options in "configure graphics plugins" are displayed as if the emulation was still running. For example, after ending mystical ninja, all plugins will have thier in-game options, audio, video, etc. The only thing which is the same, is that going to "Setting" will allows you to change the plugin type, EX. Jabo-->Rice. However, doing so will often result in an application crash...or if sucessful will make P64 operate "wonky" and eventually crash. The only way to optimally change plugins after ending an emulation, at least as I have found, is restarting the P64 app then swapping plugin type.

15th April 2009, 09:35 PM
Use 5.9.9. 6.1.4 and similar builds were damaged; old versions of the plug-in should be used for advanced low-end support.

The DirectX-Project64 conflict with the sound has been named as a threading issue alongside various plug-ins, so you may need to install another emulator like Mupen64 or 1964 to fix the sound if using the Daedalus graphics code (e.g. RiceVideo).

Plug-in switching was stabilized by new features in alpha development, but most betas have switching issues.