View Full Version : Project 64 Add on's!

7th May 2009, 08:23 PM
There are alot of topics with people who desire things like: video recorder, sound recorder, being able to zoom in, custom designs for pj64.
Those things might cut down speed/compatibility with some games(amirite?) so they wont exactly be cool for everyone for example the people with PC's who dont run fast enough to handle that.
So i was thinking.. why not make an add on option, so people who want to get a video recorder can download the add on and have the video recorder and people who dont want it dont have too.
If this sounds confusing for you..ill explain it in a different way: You know the web browser Mozilla firefox?
that browser gave me this idea, Mozilla uses add ons too like: Adblock Plus! to block advertisements, Noscript to block sites from using their scripts, and i even have one to download movies from youtube.
Those add ons are not installed with firefox directly, its for people who really want them.
that way it wont become a very large file that takes ages to download..
To make a long story short: A Mozilla firefox like Add on option to have custom options like video recorder and skins.
Tell me what you think.

8th May 2009, 03:02 AM
At a quick glance, I have time to mention more precise measures to optimize Project64 for slower systems were previously firsthand designs.

Video recording currently is not supported within Project64...but the native sound processor can export audio to WAV if you aren't familiar with this.