View Full Version : HOW TO: Tilt Sensitivity in Project 64(A tutorial)

28th May 2009, 11:34 PM
I just got a brand new Playstation 2 to USB adapter. But I was totally bummed to discover tilt sensitivity didn't work properly, and in searching found nothing but confused people!

But I have fixed it, and here is how.

NRage's controller plugin

1. Basically, use X-Padder to set up a controller. For the joystick buttons, choose "Mouse" and go to "Mouse Settings".

2. Choose "Look Camera". Leave everything else alone.

3. Now, in NRage's plugin, set Analog Stick range to 100%(Also check "Real n64 range)

4. For up/down/left/right, simply move the mouse up/down/left/right.

5. Click "Devices"

6. Change "Mouse Sensitivity" to 200%.

7. Change "Dead Zone" to 5, more depending on your controller.

8. Test it out!

It should, depending on the controller, give you a range of tilt instead of immediately making you go as fast as possible. This is because X-Padder has set it up so that moving the mouse at a different speed works just like tilting the control stick a different distance, and the mouse sensitivity makes it so that you can go fast instead of getting stuck in the middle. Just play around with mouse sensitivity(always keep it above 100%) and the dead zone until it works. It simply will not work if you don't have it set to use the mouse as the control stick.

Now that I think about it, xpadder might not be necessary, but I am not sure.

Somebody try out this method and tell me if it helps. :D

NOTE! With this method, it is a little difficult to edit options in P64, for me at least- I can't click the menu buttons at the top. To get around this, simply press F2 to pause, then alt-tab so another window is on top, and then click them. It's annoying, but it doesn't ruin your life or anything. :p

5th April 2010, 09:59 PM
I had to make an account just so I could tell you, this way worked like a charm. I of course dled the xpadder via a torrent but it was perfect for the solution. Thank you very much for the assistance! =D