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5th June 2009, 11:57 PM

I'm fairly new to this whole program. So far I've been able to tweak it to resolve alot of the issues I've had and really it seems to work well for a N64 emulator but I'm having an issue now that I don't know how to deal with.

There is no error message. This effects all games. It effects all controllers- both my gamepads, the keyboard and mouse. It persists through the changing out of pluggins.

The issue is that I can open any game and play normally but after I close down project 64 none of my controllers will ever work with it again. The next time I open it up the game will not respond to any controllers. When I adjust the button mapping in the set-up screen, the program actualy responds to the bottons I'm pushing but when I go back in game....nothing. This happens no matter what input pluggin I'm using or if I'm using the gamepad or the keyboard and mouse. The only thing that works is uninstalling the program. After I re-install it's good for one more use.....then it's dead again.

I don't understand it, this program worked just fine for a very long time...then suddenly when nothing I can detect has changed...I can no longer use the program. I don't want to stop using project 64 but this is really ridiculas. It makes no sense to me.

If you can help me please let me know what information you need from me. Here's what I can think of that you might need.

I'm using: Windows XP, Project 64 1.6, Airflo controller, Logi tech dual action gamepad. Please help, thank you.

6th June 2009, 12:51 AM
I would suggest making sure the latest drivers are installed for your game pad. I have been using the commander super joy pad with a PlayStation to usb adapter and haven't had any issues. It seems that most usb adapters are working ok with pj64 since xp and vista already have the drivers for them included. There is also a n64 to usb adapter on ebay that many people use also.

Hope the info helps.