View Full Version : Help with Loz Oot cheat

4th November 2017, 05:33 PM
I currently am having a problem with a cheat in the game. In the cheats menu there is an option to edit where a warp song takes you. Unfortunately, the only
one that works for me is "perlude of light and nocturn of shadow" i want to use "minuet of forest and serenade of water" but that just takes me to dodongos cavern, no matter what setting. i tried editing the cheat by putting in the value of the place i want to go, like C2 is the deku tree, where the question marks were, but now its stuck on the deku tree and i cant double click it to change it.
my question is, how do i fix it, and how do i make it so it will let me teleport where i want to go?

i am using the usa version of loz oot, 1.2, and the version of my project 64 is

also, when i try to use "hold r for old or young link" it crashes my game

11th November 2017, 07:21 PM
anybody? please can someone help?