View Full Version : Need help adding cheat codes

27th March 2018, 03:08 AM
I can't find a way to add my own cheats in the cheat menu. I looked online and it said to uncheck Hide Advanced Options from the settings. When I open the settings back up, it is checked again and nothing changes. Does anyone know how to fix this/add cheats manually?

27th March 2018, 03:22 AM
To begin,you can already add new codes via the right pane where an arrow is then click new cheat first when the game is already running if needed.
Revealing advanced settings adds the ability to right click a game in the embedded list to select edit cheats before booting a game.

LIst of reasons causing your issue;

1. Forgetting to click "Apply" afterward then click OK.

2. More than one instance of PJ64 open at the same time. (could be a ghost process needing to be ended via Task Manager)
(An easier and faster way to access Task Manager is to right click the clock/time on the right-most part of the taskbar and click the option for Task Manager.)

3. Your folder choice resides in Program Files instead of (drive letter):\(new folder of any name,e.g. Emulators)\Project64 v(number here)\(extracted contents of PJ64 version or *shudders* install location)

Hope this helps you fix your issue.