View Full Version : "Failed to Allocate Memory"

5th August 2009, 04:32 PM
So maybe I brought this upon myself. I'm using version, and I've been using the latest Jabbo's D3D for 1.7 but a lot of graphics seem to be disappearing during games like Turok dinosaur hunter, and graphics linger over the sky during titles such as 1080 snowboarding. Anyway, I tried changing my GFX driver to 1.5.2 and it made turok look better, so I figured I'd stick with it.
Anyway, now I get the message in the title whenever I try opening any ROM.

Any ideas, I would appreciate it.

5th August 2009, 07:40 PM
Lately a lot of those experiencing this have been finding out new things...for some of those check these two resources out.