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HatCat 11th January 2011 10:46 PM

ATI supports VGA.

masterofmymind 19th April 2011 05:17 PM

question about actually getting P64 to recognise plugins - umm. how, basically. i put rice's plugin into the plugin folder, but the front screen hasnt changed at all (four copies of Ogre Battle 64, all say the same thing, something about a black screen during combat), and i cant find any selection thing for plugins under the graphics configure button. apologies in advance for the trouble.

HatCat 19th April 2011 10:52 PM

If you are using Project64 then you can access plugin-switching using the "Settings..." command seen from in the "Options" menu.

ExtremeDude2 19th April 2011 10:58 PM


Originally Posted by Iconoclast (Post 27777)
If you are using Project64 then you can access plugin-switching using the "Settings..." command seen from in the "Options" menu.


Originally Posted by masterofmymind (Post 27774)
question about actually getting P64 to recognise plugins.


HatCat 19th April 2011 11:02 PM

No spamming allowed.

If he didn't specify the symbol "P64" or any of the sort, I would have asked him what emulator he was using.

masterofmymind 19th April 2011 11:58 PM

i did in fact mean project 64. and thank you for the advice, brain fart on my part for not seeing the settings tab.

HatCat 31st July 2011 06:31 AM

Have not been updating this list due to lack of frequent changes to N64 emulation plugin code. :D

I've updated the list with a couple items for addition.

The first has been around for a few months, the NetPlay plugin designed for the goal of promoting NetPlay in Project64 1.7.

The second is one of mudlord's progressing emulation codes, still under testing and experiment to add new things like rumble and memory pak support, for Xbox 360 controllers using the XInput device for emulating the N64 controller. The controllers will be successfully hot-plugged. Again, along with other projects, it's still in development. You can get it from his current website.

ExtremeDude2 31st July 2011 02:36 PM

You should add that wiimote plug-in I found :cool:

HatCat 1st August 2011 04:28 AM

I roughly remember that. :D If it's a zilmar-spec plugin that has a unique purpose from the other plugins then I will add it to the list when I get around to looking up where that info about it was again or if somebody links me.

TheRealM 2nd August 2011 04:11 AM

figured that all information about the input plugin goes here:

people are bound to leak shit anyway so....cant beat them, join them.

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