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pal1000 29th September 2014 03:32 PM

Quake 64
I managed to get this game working with minimal issues.
Essentially working around the followings:
-underwater flickering affecting Jabo D3D8 plugins or no drawing at all underwater affecting Glide64 For PJ64, Glide64 Final and RiceVideo plugins;
-enemies visible and flickering through walls affecting Jabo D3D8 plugins;
-status panel flickering or not being drawn at all randomly affecting RiceVideo Graphics plugins.

What plugins I used:
1st solution: Glide64 Wonder ++
This plugin is old and development stopped for it a long time ago. However it has an option called "Read every frame [slow!]" which turns the underwater flickering into horizontal shacking which is far less annoying, making this game playable.
Being a glide 3DFX based plugin it requires a glide wrapper.
You can use the pre-included hacktarux's glide wrappper but it is pretty demanding even on current hardware although it's development ended around 2005.
I prefer nGlide. Another working option would be zeckensack's wrapper though it has stability issues, wrong colors and overbrightness.
2nd solution: Pixel Accurate Plugin
It has a 50% chance to work. If it works, it works correctly even while going underwater; if not, it will just black screen, try again, preferably restarting Project 64 to raise successful startup chances. Requires low level graphics. It is really demanding.
3rd solution: SoftGraphic plugin
Being software only it is pretty demanding. It only has one problem - dirty textures. This may be a problem for a first person shooter as you may see your enemies later than you should.

RPGMaster 29th September 2014 07:48 PM

Rofl, it's like you're living in the past.

pal1000 30th September 2014 06:14 PM

What I want to point out is that the help page for this game needs updating and I hope my tests are helpful. I still have 2 plugins left to test. Pixel Accurate software and RiceVideo with Daedulus fixes.

RPGMaster 30th September 2014 07:24 PM

Why are you using glide wonder and not glide64 final?

Lol @ using soft graphic plugin. It's mega fail.

pal1000 1st October 2014 01:39 PM

5 Attachment(s)
Yes, I normally use Glide64 bundled with the emulator but for this particular game it doesn't work right. Once you go underwater the screen stops reacting until you swim back up. Jabo plugin exhibits horrible flicker instead and RiceVideo is somewhat similar. The issues with the default plugins are outlined in the Help - By Game section.
And the plugins I mentioned seam to be the only ones that do the trick for it.
1 - before going underwater (Glide64 For PJ64: OK;
2 - getting underwater (Glide64 For PJ64: screen freezes;
3 - paused game to internal menu while underwater (Glide64 For PJ64: OK;
4 - resumed gameplay still underwater (Glide64 For PJ64: same as 2;
5 - underwater (Glide64 Wonder ++ with Read every frame [slow!] option checked running through nGlide): minor horizontal shaking, hard to catch on a screenshot.

RPGMaster 1st October 2014 06:34 PM

Glide64 For PJ64: has some regressions. Try Glide64 Final.

Also, Softgraphic plugin, not even once ;/ . It's fail by design. He should have used recompiler or something.

pal1000 2nd October 2014 12:03 PM

I tried Glide64 Final, but there is no much difference compared to Glide64 For PJ64:
It freezes when going underwater just like it.
Also tested Glide64 Final as a v1.6 plugin. It flickers really bad instead and it no longer works properly with it's bundled wrapper. Still works with nGlide, but with that said flicker.

pal1000 2nd October 2014 01:39 PM

I also tested Pixel Accurate plugin. It works perfectly when going underwater. But it doesn't work every time. It sometimes doesn't render anything, not to mention it's really CPU demanding.

HatCat 2nd October 2014 04:39 PM

Upgrade the OpenGL drivers for your Intel video card.
</squall> :D

RPGMaster 2nd October 2014 07:23 PM

Well, I can tell you this. Pixel Accurate plugin is less demanding than Soft graphic. Especially if you choose the Direct 9, instead of DDraw. I can only think of a few games where shunyuan's might get you a few extra VI/s (at the cost of using an extra core). F-zero is one that comes to mind.

One major problem with shunyuan's plugin is the fact that he compiled it with MSVC, so the RSP code is mega slow. it's so bad that I only saw a 2 VI/s difference while using Shunyuan's instead of Pixel Accurate plugin in Kirby. Simply using RSP recompiler already surpassed it. I bet even optimizing the interpreter could surpass it in VI/s too, despite it using only one core instead of two.

Interesting results btw. I didn't know Glide wonder actually has it's use. I will admit, I think quake is one of those games that's performance isn't effected much by RSP. I barely got in the 30's for VI/s.

I may do some testing in Quake.

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