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oiram 9th February 2017 09:57 PM

Blues Brothers 2000 bosses run too fast
I was trying the game Blues Brothers 2000, and found that bosses run too fast.

The boss from the first level catch me every time. To avoid losing a life, i had to use gameshark code of invincibility. On the second level, there's a crocodile in a sewer, and you have to flee from it. It run too fast, and i can't do anything, so i'm stuck. I watched videos on youtube (probably played on a real N64), and found that bosses run slower. Some comments on the videos was people having the same issue.

I tried both version usa and europe.

ttconker 15th January 2020 06:00 PM

I have faced this problem in Projec64 as well. Tryed to play this part in Mupen64plus, but it was unsucessfull.

I found out that you don't need to go through this part of the game if you're in emulator. All you have to do is activate the levitate cheat and get the green key inside a room above the street. In normal gameplay, you reach there only after breaking the water hydrant in the final of the second sewer part. After getting the green key, you can turn of the cheat and keep playing normally.

You should not feel bad for using cheat only in this part as it was the only way I found to turn it around. :D

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